Battle Mage Secrets Facing the poison battle rule with the FIVE ALIVE battle rule

It is always good to innovate with new battle conditions that encourage the adoption of new strategies, thus making the game more interesting and giving more use to cards that were not used as much before.

RULESET: Five Alive


Up to five Units can be used.

My Battle


We have among the battle conditions the FIVE ALIVE condition, which limits the cards that can be used to a maximum of 5. This condition is not as limiting as the other battle condition that only allows you to use 4 cards and therefore even The maximum number of cards available is reduced, a competitive lineup can still be made.

We have the ODD ONES OUT battle condition that only allows me to use cards with odd mana costs, although this excludes me from using interesting cards that would make the lineup more lethal, it can still be adapted and still make it a winner.

Additionally, another battle condition is NOXIOUS FUMES, which deals 2 poison damage at the beginning of the turn, this is an interesting challenge as cards with IMMUNITY are the most convenient as they are not affected by poison.

My Team


This summoner is very important, being level 3, it allows me to invoke and activate important skills, in addition to its ability that it gives to all piercing cards, it allows me to do additional damage by surpassing the damage done by my cards on its shield, attacking life and Otherwise, as is common, you have to break the shield first to be able to damage the opponent's card.


This card will protect my main anti-poison tank from a first attack and when it dies it will raise all its statistics, making it more dangerous and difficult to eliminate.


This is my tank and the key to victory as it has a great attack of 4, a great shield of 5 and a life of 9, which makes it difficult to eliminate it.

In addition, his immunity ability makes him immune to negative effects, which means that he is not affected by poison damage, that is, he is not poisoned.


This character is another one intended to strengthen my main tank, in addition to its ranged attack of 3, it will also contribute to the cause, doing great damage.


This card will help me eliminate cards from my enemy's rear, and it also has 6 life which will allow it to withstand several rounds of poison.



In round 1 my enemy attacks my VENARI MARKSRAT and eliminates it with his FLYING SQUID but this increases all the statistics of my FORGOTTEN ONE, strengthening it and making its elimination more difficult, allowing me to get closer to victory.

ANGELIC MANDARIN attacks my FORGOTTEN ONE hitting him on the shield and leaving him at 5 shield since this shield was raised by the MARTYR ability of my VENARI MARKSRAT

I attack his ANGELIC MANDARIN with my TENYII STRIKER and leave him at 4 life.

Then I attack and eliminate his CRUEL SETHROPOD with my FORGOTTEN ONE which does more damage due to the summoner's ability to pierce, which leaves him at 3 life, this allows my FIRECALLER to eliminate him since If it were not for this ability, your card would remain at 4 life and one more attack would be missing, in addition, remaining alive would allow you to attack, since you managed to eliminate it without receiving an attack from it.

RONDA 2 and 3

The round begins with poison damage and this causes my opponent to have his SCAVO HIRELING removed and several of my enemy's cards are left vulnerable.

My TENYII STRIKER attacks and eliminates his ANGELIC MANDARIN, FORGOTTEN ONE attacks his FLYING SQUID leaving him ready for my FIRECALLER to eliminate him.

Your MERDAALI GUARDIAN regenerates at the end of the turn.

In the last round comes the poison damage where everyone receives this damage except my FORGOTTEN ONE, and after receiving the damage my FIRECALLER is eliminated.

His death increases the statistics of my last two cards so my FORGOTTEN ONE attacks and eliminates his MERDAALI GUARDIAN, thus obtaining the victory.


The key to victory on this occasion is first of all that I use my FORGOTTEN ONE, which with the IMMUNITY ability, is not affected by poison.

Additionally, surrounding him with cards with the martyr ability strengthened him in such a way that it was more difficult for him to eliminate my card.

An important weight of the victory was due to the summoner's skill in piercing. This ability allowed me to do more damage to the opponent by surpassing their shield, which allowed me to eliminate their cards sooner without them attacking me, thus saving me the potential damage that my opponent's card would do to me.

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