Splinterlands Giveaway - Win 1 card and 3 hive tokens

Hello and welcome to "Splinterlands Giveaway"

🎁 The winner will win:

  • 1 splinterlands NFT card
  • 1 LOLZ
  • 0.1 PIZZA
  • 0.1 CTP

Giveaway guidelines

  • Leave a comment with your splinterlands account name to participate
  • Hive Random Picker will choose the winners in the next giveaway post¹

Thank you for reading and your support! Good Luck!

Winners from previous post

🎉 Congratulations 🎊

Tag list²

@new.things, @pregosauce, @twicejoy, @vedarg, @amaillo, @jfang003, @luizeba, @officialrosh1, @mariya36, @johnweed, @shiftrox, @elderdark, @voter004, @dubble, @subidu, @femcy-willcy, @upvotegifter, @hivebitsfaucet, @awah, @memess, @coquicoin, @twicejoy,@adacardano, @henruc, @yeckingo1, @lorddiablo, @pesigolovec, @stdd, @hoosie, @erikklok

Thank you for participating

¹ Each raffle @sentipl will receive 0.1 PIZZA, 0.1 ALIVE, 1 LUV for creating and maintaining "Hive random comment picker"

² Leave a comment to be removed from the list

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