I reached Gold-I in this season and season is not ended yet.

Greetings friends!


I have been an early purchaser of steemmonstercards when it was launched for the first time. Since, then I enjoyed this game a lot. I played and won in many occasions and I also invested on it. It is worth investing as it also entertains us.

I witnessed on some occasion, whenever I play it, that the system of the game behaves strangely. Many times it becomes impossible for me to connect with the game. So, it needs to be improved. Today, I was in the Gold-III and hoping to complete the daily quest. To my surprise many of my opponents surrendered too early. I could not understand the reason as they were mightier than my army and only a few seconds had spared after I started the gameplay. I am not complaining as it helped me to reach to the Gold-I league in a few attempts. I won a few games and also this strange thing helped me a lot. So, I was lucky on this time. I also sold some DEC at favorable price as the price of Hive has dropped. This was beneficial to some extent. I don't have enough cards to go further. I would be confined for only 30 loot chests. But, I have no regret.

Thank you for reading and supporting me.

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