Exciting new cards can change the way we used to play the game.

Greetings friends!

Being an enthusiastic player of splinterlands, I continuously try to improvise the way I can play and win battles. Ranked battles are very tough to win and especially when opponent has higher quality cards, it becomes very diffficult to survive. Splinterlands has introduced new cards, some of which I also have got. In this post I will discuss the way the introduction of new power can do for the players who finds it difficult to win against no attack monsters. But, first of all let us see what I got at the end of the season.


At the end of the season, I was able to push myself and for the first time in my entire gaming life of splinterlands, I got placed myself in the Champion league. I ended on Champion-III. I got 80 loot chests and got some new cards.

Which power seems to me a game changer?

Lagendary Lord Arianthus is such a no attack monster which is very very hard to eliminate. It has capacities like shield, void, magic reflect and thorns which proves to be too much for other monsters. Now, capacity like opress can be handy against this tough guy. Monsters with opress power can give double damage to the ultra tough Lord Arianthus. Opress power will give double damage to this monster and when this one is eliminated, other monsters can be quanqured according to their power.

Fineas RageSilvershiled SheriffGloridax Soldier

These new cards seems very exciting and powerful. In this scenario we have to think diffrently and make new stratgies to win the battles and rise on leaderboards. What do you think about them?


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