New to SPLINTERLAND and knowing my way around

Hello everyone I hope you are having a great day as always so today's post is about me joining the splinterlands web 3.0 game where you can earn and play both at the same time.

I've known of it for some time now but didn't get the time or you can say I wasn't interested in it on top of that I think that learning it was hard for me all and all I didn't play it before.

So I tried it today I didn't play any real battle just tutorial one but soon I will play for real mark my words.

tutorial made it easy for me to understand, now I think I can learn how to play it soon.

I also have deposit some DEC (Dark Energy Crystals)token 10 to be precise I hope now I have enough ERC to play few matches

As I was seeing through the wallet I found that I had a 0.5 SPS airdrop to claim which I got for holding SPT tokens in my hive wallet so I claim them and stake them to get 93.54% APR on them.

if you want to lend me some cards it's fine I will accept them cause I don't have one yet so have a peaceful life and stay safe @aiovo

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