Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!

Hello Splinterlands Lovers How are you all hope everyone is well and healthy

We always look forward to participating in weekly challenges on social media, this week as always I feel free to take on the challenge and try to bring something good to you.

We know that currently the market price of Bitcoin has dropped a lot, it has been going down for a long time, but in the last two to three days, it has gone down even more. It has become a lot of trouble for all members involved in the furious currency. There is nothing to be done but to sit still

Many people might be wondering what crypto currency has to do with Splinterlands. Of course there is something beyond Splendor to Cryptocurrencies. In short, Crypto is so much associated with Ansa that everything from Splendor Card to Bitcoin is associated with Bitcoin. That's why we need to look at Bitcoin first

Without further ado, I'm here to participate in this week's Challenging competition and want to tell you a few things about it

I bought several cards in the last few days because I didn't have any cards so I wasn't able to win the battle. No and I feel so bad that I might not be able to play Battle anymore because at the rate I'm losing I don't think Splinterlands will be played anymore.

But not to be dismayed. Finally I thought that if I draw some cards I can surely do something good. That's right. I immediately draw some cards. One card for Death Splinterlands One card for Life Splinterlands One card for Life Splinterlands This is how I collected it

I am going to present to you guys a battle with the card I bought and played a battle with wood. Hope you like the battle.

Not only that we all know that Splinterlands is a card game here choosing wood and having good cards is a must if you don't have good cards you can't win battles I have not been in a good position for a long time to buy wood because I was going through a lot of problems until I finally figured out that I couldn't play battle without cards so I did some work.

Guys without talking much we move on to our main discussion and tell you something about that battle.

Played a battle with 29 and I used Splinterlands on Day and my opposition player used Splinterlands. Can't say that both Splinterlands are bad but maybe he had some mistake where he didn't win the battle and I won.

6 Mana2 Attack3 Speed9 HealthThorns

First of all the mana card I used, this card with no mana, many people don't know that this card has some important power, it is a secret importance, for example, if a card attacks this card, it will lose twice its power at once, and if this work is done on any card Attacking once destroys the ability twice If it is formed by a card then it doesn't matter if the attack destroys that cup.

In the second position I used a Thailand card which is made by Germany and this wood has some important role like if any player loses a card then the power increases twice it can't do any attack but can prevent attack.

The card I used in the third position is the wood I purchased with 2.50 paisa and I saw the reflection of this wood very well. We all know that it is a snap card. It's been over safe can keep it full I won the battle today this card's achievement would have been the battle winner for you has been able to

3 Mana1 Magic2 Speed2 HealthLife Leech
In third position I used a Fire Attacking Auto Fillings Cut which is made up of three mana and this card is no less important as it increases its power when it attacks or fires a card.

5 Mana2 Attack3 Speed5 HealthSneak
The card I am using in fourth position is a smart card as we all know aggressive card this card can attack or attack anywhere your remaining player.

1 Mana1 Attack2 Speed2 Health
Last I used a small card formation because I was thinking that my opposition player would definitely attack from behind me so I was using this small back for safety before because if any small card is behind then your good cards from the front get increased power. goes

A total of eight rounds were played. The funniest thing was that at first I thought I might not be able to win because my opposition was using Pellayer Splendor and was very good.

Presenting to us some screenshots from my winning bettor hope you like it

And so that you can enjoy this battle of mine, I am presenting the link of the battle here
Until today everyone will be fine and healthy. Please pray for me. Thank you all for staying healthy

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