Hi friends Splinterlands love how are you all hope everyone is well and healthy and the importance of explander to stay well is immense because if you play explander to keep your mind and body well then everything will be fine for you.

I love sharing my battle challenges with Splinterlands weekly because they often open my eyes to great cards I've overlooked, but not today because I consider Mycelic Sleepspawn an absolute must-have card.

Splinterlands is constantly improving as we always know when we put it on and those who don't keep an eye on it regularly don't see it, not only that, but many people may not even know that it is connected to the information that many people don't know.

Not only how to play, when to use which cards, how to get gift items after playing, but those of us who read Splendor regularly always keep an eye out for any announcements from Splendor to see what's new or what's new. Looking forward to hearing from you

Some time ago I was talking about SPS Token that by playing explanter this token is not only available as a gift but from here you can get various types of cards legendary nutrition etc but today I want to discuss a very interesting topic you may know that for the past few days Bitcoin The market price is going through a very bad situation. Many tokens or many coins went down in price but today while some bitcoins are moving up, some coins are going up in market price.

No one can tell when or where this crypto current will go but don't be disappointed just be patient with this platform then you will get something good like playing monsters while playing games it's also like a game if we talk about Luna today Where did the Lunar market go and where is the Runa market now?

Without further ado guys let's talk about the batter we have a challenging battle this week if you check my profile you will see how much I love this game and how much I love it I always try to play battle whenever I get free time but For quite some time now the days are passing through various engagements for which no time can be given

Today I want to discuss this week's challenging battle with you, hope you like it

Every week this community has two contests to share battles, the first is a social media challenge and the second is based on a single card.

This card is usually used in Air Splendor Mycelic Infantry Our hero - Mycelic Sleepspawn. There are usually 3 spots I usually taunt monsters - 2nd position (if I'm sure I'm my last position, if I think I might get destroyed by explosive weapons or main tanks at times when melee monsters aren't playable or if I'm really into said monster want to heal directly. In this case healing is out of the picture due to the ruleset,

My opposition player used Splendor and I used this card again. It's a character we've talked about a lot, it's a chaos troop known for its magical abilities, which are known for dealing huge damage to opponents with just two attacks in battle. Makes, together are very good summoners. Very good because it becomes an unstoppable beast with its magical attacks in every battle it is used.

Was able to win the battle using this card and here are some screenshots from the winning battle, hope you like it.

And presenting the link of Battle here
Until today, everyone will be fine, stay healthy, keep praying for me, thank you all for being with me

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