Splinterlands Social Media Challenge - Kron the Undying with the Last Stand Ability

Greetings to all Splinterlands warlocks, I am here once again, and I welcome you all to my blog as well, Today I write to submit and share my entry to the Splinterlands Social Media Challenge. Since this is a random battle, I would be using any maybe a good battle of mine. Let's see how it goes in this post guys.

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I used my account @abu78 to participate in this battle. I am currently playing in the Bronze stage. Before I demonstrate my battle here, let's briefly look into the Ruleset of the gameplay that I will be displaying here.

Ruleset of Battle

Ruleset IconDescription
No modifications to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics. There are no special tricks for this ruleset but make a balanced team.

My Opponent's Team Line-up


My Team's Line-Up



I chose the Scarred Llama Mage summoner so that my monsters would have an increase in health by two and also affect my monsters with the last stand ability. It also cleanses any negative effects inflicted on my monsters. I brought just one monster for this battle and that is Kron the Undying.

1st Position:

Kron the Undying, this monster is a 10 mana card and it has a speed of 2 and 3 magic attack damage. It is a level 1 monster with zero armor and 10 health. I placed it in the first position so that it could obtain the last-stand ability and increase in stats to easily help me win the battle.

Round 1:
First of all, all monsters took their effect from the summoner by gaining last stand ability and also increasing all monsters by two health. My monster Kron the Undying attacked first with its magic attack on my opponent's first-position monster and eliminated it with one attack. Djinn Biljka and Spirit Hoarder of my opponent's monsters attacked me with their magic attack.

Xenith Archer of my opponent's monsters attacked Kron the Undying with one range damage and was followed by a melee attack from Hill Giant but missed its attack. We then moved to the next round.

Round 2:
Round two began, and as usual, Kron the Undying with the highest speed among all the monsters attacked first with its magic attack and damaged 5 health of my opponent's first monster. (Hill Giant).

Subsequent attacks from his other monsters, Djinn Biljka, Spirit Hoarder, and Xenith Archer were received by my monster. Also Hill Giant monster also attacked me with 2 melee damage. This brought us to the end of the second round and the battle still continues. It should be noted that at the end of this round, no one was eliminated.

Round 3:

In this round, Kron the Undying with its healing ability, healed back to 18 health and then attacked Hill Giant with its magic attack and eliminated it as well.

Similarly, Djinn Biljka attacked my monster with its magic ability which was followed by the spirit hoarder's magic attack too, and then Xenith Archer's range attack on my monster but missed it. Fungus Fiend also attacked Krong the Undying monster with melee damage.

Round 4:

In this last round, as usual, my monster attacked first and eliminated the fungus fiend in a go. With its healing ability, it restored its health back to 18 at the start of the round.

My opponent was left with three monsters at the end of this round, but then all three monsters were too weak to battle my Kron the Undying monster. He was able to manage and take the battle to the next round.

Round 5:
In this round, I attacked first again as usual and I eliminated the first monster of my opponent, that is Djinn Biljka.

Round 6 to 8:
In these rounds, similar way of attacks occurred until the last two rounds were I attacked without my opponent attacking my monster because his last monster (Xenith Archer) do not attack at the first positon. This brought us to the end of the battle and I emerged victorious.

The battle was an easy win as I was expecting it to be. That was an amazing battle for me and I know you guys would be amazed to see me winning this great battle.

Thank you all for your time and attention for going through my post. A link to my battle is provided here Battle Link

All cards and ruleset images were taken from here Splintercards

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