Splinterlands Social Media Challenge - Some Basic Tips for Beginners, watch this short video

Greetings to all Splinterlands warlocks, I am here once again, and I welcome you all to my blog as well, Today, I write to submit and share my entry to the Splinterlands Social Media Challenge. This week we have a topic that is totally different from the previous ones we used to have and it goes as "Tips for Beginners". I hope you guys are ready to read and hear my side of the story where I share my journey as a Splinterlands player on the Hive blockchain with you all. Without much ado, let's dive into the topic straight forward.

I think in last week's Social Media post, I shared some ideas about my experience with the Splinterlands game and also shared some simple tips for beginners as well. In today's video, I demonstrated how to play the Splinterlands game and also indicated the basics of the cards as well. I have explained and talked about the benefits of playing the Splinterlands game.

I have also spoken about some basic tips for beginners and I have shown a gameplay of a battle to help assist in understanding the game for newbies. Take your time and go through this short video. You will learn a lot from that if you are a beginner.

Thank you all for your time and attention in reading and watching my video post.

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