Keys | Part 1

For years I’ve kept this wonky key collection.
All shapes and sizes.


It really started with my Grandad after he died when I was about 10. He used to shoot pheasants and rabbits (pests, apparently) around the farms and fields of Leeds. He had all sorts of things like guns, slingshots, tools, keys, belts.

When clearing out his things from his shed there was a tin of really old chunky keys which I remember catching my eyes.


I loved the way they looked and felt. I bet each has a unique story. Some of them are very old and WAY bigger than they are them now.
They could be keys to a castle!


We took them home and they lived in the garage for more years to just be forgotten.

I discovered it again about 5 years ago and started to build the weird collection up even more.
(sorry about the label 😂 I added it when moving house)


They’re not arranged or stored in any order.
There’s also no plan for the keys as of yet other than maybe an interesting mounted art piece for the house.

I just add keys to the tin when I find one that doesn’t have a use anymore.


The plan is to clean all the keys with my kids.
Make it a fun project. Here’s my eldest helping to sort them out.


I’ve read that Cola is a good deep cleaner for rusted metals, so after a bath of washing up liquid to de-grease we will soak them in Coke for 24 hours.


If Coke is good for eroding metals then I certainly don’t want that shit in my stomach, even if it does taste a bit moreish.
Let’s face it, Coke is sugary sweet delicious 😂
Great for rotting teeth and cleaning keys!
Ahhhh, Classic Coke!

Keep an eye open for Part 2 :)

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