Shadow walk with me

Walk with me Shadow.

Remind me of the night
when the moon is brilliant.

Hide my scars
in your smooth eternal skin.
Stretch me on the rack of time
& smuggle my soul
through the shrieking horde.

I keep forgetting
how to put my body back together
& the thirst is getting me,
so remind me of dying
& of rising from dust.

I don't know what will happen
if you fade in the sun.

At night, I leave the lights on,
so we can never sleep alone
& when I forget to talk sometimes,
I trace your face on the wall
& you touch me back.

It is on your skin,
I write my stories;
the ink that drinks
the poetry of my soul.

Shadow, come with me
when it is cold,
into the embrace of silence
& when my body shrinks
to create space
for something more important,
carry my story into the night,
near a black hole.

Maybe there will be other lost
shadows there.


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