War of the worlds

On the horizon a dense fog,
from the platform my sorrows,
those doubts in my skin,
in my blood too.

Something deep inside me screams at me,
flee but at the same time save them,
I listen to my conscience
but my heart goes like a runaway horse.

Two worlds in search of salvation,
the extinction of one saves the other,
a difficult decision,
of a dream without limits.

Hands in the air reciting words,
eyes that come and go to the beat,
the threat approaches,
but the power becomes ironclad.

Defenses that no longer give more than enough,
a gathering of sighs,
the detention of those hands
whose power unleashes chaos.

Winds without oxygen that suffocates,
water that drowns its being,
a sky that witnesses everything,
fingers that play at moving everything.

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