Mike's Virility Unveiled!


It's a beautiful day. The sun rose high in the sky but the temperature was not hot, just mildly warm to the skin. I finished my house chores for the day, and I had to make a quick run to the supermarket to get Mike, my husband of three years, an anniversary gift. I made plans to surprise him at the office.

The best three years so far…marriage is sweet and I fall in love with Mike more and more each day... Okay, I have to wipe this goofy smile off my face before passersby think I am weird or something.

As I strolled towards the supermarket across the street, I noticed a young, slender lady standing close to the supermarket. She had fancy dark sunglasses on and bent a little, rummaging through her handbag as I got closer to the supermarket.

She's beautiful, I could see and was dressed in a designer's skirt suit which fitted her perfectly and showing off her body curves. The hand bag looked expensive too. She must be a big girl, probably one of those corporate staff living in luxury and style. Smooth, lovely skin too.

I drew nearer and smiled a little at her politely. I stretched out my hand to touch the knob of the entrance glass door to the supermarket when the lady accidentally dropped her wallet on the ground. It fell open. I stooped low to help her pick it up and I was going to return it to her when a picture peeking out from the wallet caught my attention.


I froze. Slowly I looked up from the wallet in my hand at her. She blanched as her lips parted open a bit, maybe in shock too? I could not believe my eyes.

"Excuse me?" She said in pretense I believe, for I could see the recognition in her eyes. She knew who I was. She stretched out her hand to take back her wallet but I held it firmly to my chest. Her eyes met mine. I could not breathe properly.

"Who are you?" I asked breathlessly. "Why do you have my husband's picture in your wallet?"

She chewed on her lower lips and appeared speechless. Right then, Mike crossed the road from the other end and slowly walked towards us. He appeared shocked too to see me and the lady together.

"Shit! Emily, what are you doing here?" He asked me. I glance at him, then at her, ans at the picture of Mike holding the beautiful lady in a lover's embrace! He saw the picture too, his eyes widening.

"You don't understand. I… We… Mike and I are going to have a baby", the beautiful lady babbled as though it would help clear the confusion in the air. Now she looked ugly to me!

My tummy rumbled. I felt nauseated. Mike reached out to hold me but I reflexively swatted his hands away before I moved to a dumpster beside the supermarket and threw up all my breakfast. I heaved and heaved, feeling the cramps in my tummy.

Mike held me from behind as I wiped my mouth clean. At four months, I was way past morning sickness but it seemed my baby empathized with me.

Mike and I are having a baby, Mike is also expecting another baby with this beautiful, no ugly lady. Where do I go from here?

Intrigued? What do you advise Emily to do in her present situation?

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