Hard Choice II


The first part...

Why did Nike run? Lanre wondered.

Then he remembered….

"Honey, are you sure about us? Your mother is obviously not happy with me. Would you defy her?" Nike asked, as she made circles with her fingers on Lanre's chest. A fine tremor ran through his fit, muscular body.

"Baby, is it my mother you will marry or me?" He lifted her chin and pecked her lips softly, though desiring to do more but they needed to sort the precarious matter.

She smiled shyly, "You know I love you but if we do this, there is no going back."

With a solemn expression, Lanre said, "I know and my mind is made up. Are you with me on this?" Nike simply pulled him into a tight embrace without a verbal answer.


Lanre sighed deeply, rubbed his head and typed on his PC. He should have gotten a straight answer from her, he thought.

Two days later….

Lanre marched up the short stairs to his family mansion at Victoria Island, pressed the doorbell and followed it immediately with angry, loud knocks. His father, Debo, opened the door with an inscrutable look. He stood, filling the doorway with his hands in his pockets, staring at his son who was his lookalike. He arched an eyebrow seeing the anger on his son's face.

"If you do not get your emotions under control, you won't step foot into my house", Debo's deep voice resonated in the quiet mansion.

Lanre was at a bursting point, a nerve ticking fast at his temple just as he gritted his teeth together.

"Father", he took a deep breath so his words would not come out disrespectfully. "Father, how could you do this? You were out of line. You know I love her!"

"Come in", Debo said and turned from the door expecting Lanre to follow him behind. Then he faced his son in the center of the living room. "I did it to protect you. This family line must continue. It's that simple."

"SHIT! Simple?"

"Mind your language!"

Lanre had had enough. "What language?! Nothing is simple about my feelings for Nike. I love her. You know this. How could you threaten her?"

"How would you two have children when you know she lost her fallopian tubes in the surgery?"

"Really, father? Are you really going to go there? In this age and time? Was it her fault?"

Debo stuck to his guns. "I know what this age and time is all about more than you do, son! The reality is, this family line must continue. You may think about adoption but it won't work. You either let her go or I disinherited you! Make your choice."

The final part...

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