Disguised Obsession - III


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I saw Ada and my heart melted... She looked so beautiful and I couldn't wait for her to see me. I know she will be happy I paid her a surprise visit in school. I planned to take her out for dinner since it was evening already.

But then she comes out of the class smiling beautifully, not at me, but at a male classmate. And she went ahead to give him a hug!

I felt hot all over. I was angry and trembling. She wants him but does not want me? Same thing happened with Ella and Lola and they are no longer able to tell the story.

Well, this means Ada too must get a taste of me after which I'm sure she will change her mind and want me always as I want her. She will never look at another man again. Then we will be together forever.

Ada waved goodbye to her friends and walked home alone. I trailed behind her carefully and she did not know until we both entered the lane close to her apartment. She must have sensed me because she almost turned.

I did not want her to see me just yet! I wanted her to get to her apartment and have no choice but to invite me into her home. What should I do? It was all reflex action and not the way I planned it. The urge to knock her unconscious and have a taste of her alluring body was strong in me. I had no recollection of raising my fists at her.

The book I held fell off my hands as I hit her on the head expecting her to lose consciousness. But she fought me ceaselessly like a tigress. Oh, I loved it! I was exhilarated when I tore her blouse apart.

I glimpsed her soft, succulent breasts. I puckered my mouth to get a taste when I heard raised voices behind me. The scales fell off my eyes and I was momentarily confused. What have I done? I took one look at Ada. She appeared to be in pain and her face swollen and bloodied.

The running feet were getting close. I left my book behind and ran for my life. If I was caught, they would kill me right there on the street. Jungle justice!

My lungs were screaming for relief but I did not care. I ran towards the end of the lane and collided with a police officer! The collision landed us both on the ground. I tried to get up quickly but his colleague hit me on the head with a bat!

"Stay down, you pervert! You are under arrest!"

This must be a dream! A crowd had gathered close to the police vehicle parked in front of Ada's apartment. I'm done for.

It's been three months now…

I have been at the Capperhid Maximum Prison, awaiting my appeal to be heard in court. The evidence against me was overwhelming. At the crime scene, the detectives found strands of my hair lodged in Ada's fingernails, an apple core and the book that I meant to give Ada.

Testimonies of witnesses and that of Ada also weighed in heavily. Upon which evidences I was found guilty of attempted rape, sexual assault, and attempted homicide not punishable by death at the trial court.

I was sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment! What? I don't understand. I did not rape Ada. And I loved her. Where did I go wrong? Hitting her was a mistake but she's fine now anyway. She looked more beautiful when I saw her in court on the day of her testimony.

Oh, my Ada! I miss her so...I can't wait to be free so I can be with her finally.


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