Disguised Obsession - I


Ada preferred to walk home from the prestigious Unic Teachers' College rather than take a cab. It was just a fifteen minutes walk and cab fare was a luxury she could not afford. After all, walking is a good form of exercise.

She took a turn into a quiet lane close to her mini apartment. She had walked for a bit when she suddenly picked up on the quiet footsteps behind her. She had been lost in thought and did not quickly realize that the lane was deserted.

She turned to look behind her as instinct told her to bend just a little bit. It was too late! WHAM!

A strong fist collided with her temple sharply, almost splitting her head in two as black spots filled her vision.

She swayed with her hands stretched out to hold onto something when a resounding slap hit her left cheek, her ear almost went deaf from the force. She fell, then scrambled up quickly and tried to crawl away from the direction of the assault in a daze.

A pair of strong hands held her by the ankle and dragged her back roughly. She screamed as her knees scraped on the ground. Another blow to her jaw and she ceased to scream as she kicked out with her legs at the same time.

She was flat on the ground within seconds of her struggle. Facing up and breathing heavily, she glimpsed a blurry image of a young man's face and the smell of apple fruit on the mystery man's breath as it hit her on the face.

Leave me alone! She tried to scream but only hoarse grunts came out. Her jaw seems locked, she could barely move it. She could feel her left eye swelling.

The said pair of hands was already trying to unbuckle her jeans trousers. In that second, she gave thanks that she'd opted for trousers instead of a skirt that morning.

She slapped furiously at the strong hands which refused to budge. She grabbed his hair, pulled with all her strength, and kicked the mystery man in the stomach area at the same time.

"Yee! You crazy whore!" The mystery man exclaimed.

"Someone help me! Help me!" Ada kept repeating in her head but grunt sounds came out of her throat. A heavy punch on her cheekbone almost made her blackout but she fought on.

The mystery man held her down forcefully with his weight on her thighs so she could no longer kick out with her legs. He grasped her shirt, tore it apart with so much force the buttons flew out.

Then Ada heard the sound of feet running towards them.

"Hey! Hey you!!" It was a female voice.

"Don't let him get away! Catch him!" Another shouted.

Like a miracle, the heavy weight came off her and the mystery man took to his heels and ran. More feet pursued him. A pair of soft female hands touched Ada.

"Oh my God! Are you okay?!"

Ada could feel the blood trickling out of her nose. The fight was over. At the sound of the female voice, Ada slipped finally into peaceful oblivion that she had been longing for right from when the first blow struck.

An oblivion where she would no longer experience the pain raging all over her body, the pain in her heart at the unexpected assault, and the shame of her near nakedness before a stranger.

Utter bliss… she slipped away.

The next part...

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