A Hard Choice


The average sized hall was brightly illuminated, lovely nuptial decorations hung on the walls and the windows. The low hum of the air conditioners and the sweet fruity scent floating lightly around the event hall gave the entire scene a fairytale feeling.

But deep down Nike was filled with so much fear and doubt. Was she making the right decision? She wondered. Her heart beat faster and her stomach was in knots as she tried to walk calmly holding her father's arm to the makeshift altar.

There was her groom, Lanre, standing elegantly beside the town pastor looking handsome, and breathtaking in a dark blue three piece suit. His smiles were for her alone. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. NO! Nike mentally shook her head as anxiety ate at her. Something is not right. Can this be really happening to her?

Dare Coker felt his only daughter squeeze his forearm continuously. She must be nervous. He turned to reassure her with a smile when suddenly she tore her hands out of his, picked up the bottom of her long, flowing white bridal dress and ran out of the hall!

Loud gasps filled the hall. Everyone was in shock and stared at the young bride running out of the hall. Lanre froze for like a minute before reality dawned on him. He stepped off the makeshift altar and took off after his bride to-be. "Nike! Stop! Don't do this. Nike!"

The next day….

Lanre sat in his office staring at his flat screen PC. He should be on his honeymoon and not be at work but he needed the diversion or he would drink himself to stupor. He now knows what it feels like to be jilted at the altar. He could still not believe that after a year of continuously assuring Nike that he loved her, she walked away from him before taking her vows.

His family ranted and raved at the event hall after Nike took off but he calmed them down, paid the hired chefs for the reception food, the photographers and went home to hug his bottle of vodak.

Nike was unreachable but her Dad, Dr Dare Coker, called to assure him that Nike would come around and he should give her some time. When? Why would she choose to hurt him this way?

The pertinent question - why did she run?

The next part continues...

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