Why is groundwater cold in summer and hot in winter?


Temperature changes only outside, not underground, even if it changes very little,
For example, if the temperature of the earth is 25 degrees, the outside temperature is above 40 in summer, so when we use water extracted from the earth, it will be at 25 degrees, but if we are accustomed to the temperature of 40 degrees, then we need that water. It will feel cold.


In winter, the outside temperature is less than 5 degrees, but the ground temperature stays below 25 and stays at 20. The water seems to be hot.
In fact the groundwater temperature always stays up to 15-20 degrees. While the surface temperature of the earth keeps changing
In summer, the temperature usually rises to 35-50 degrees. At that temperature, when you draw water from the ground, the temperature is 15-20 degrees Celsius, while outside it is 35-50 degrees Celsius, so we find the ground water cold in summer.
In winter it is reversed ie in winter the outside temperature is 0-10 while the ground water is 15-20. That's why when you take out 15-20 water at 0-10 temperature, it feels hot.

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