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Do we have to clear the land? || Proofofbrain (Part #2)

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The sudden outbreak of fire in 80 places in thirteen / 13 states of the United States in a single day is certainly not surprising but
Just as every human being has a different personality, so do his hobbies. I love to understand the language of the universe. I think about the earth. I think about the future of human beings. Reading religions and understanding the true message of religions. Trying also stimulates my curiosity. I also try to talk to God. You may call it insanity but this curiosity sometimes takes away the senses. Friends know that at some point I write or say something that does not show anything but..
Well, today I have something very mind blowing. ۔ What is happening in the world is making me think and what is that thinking?
Why is man so restless when he settles on the moon or on Mars?

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For many years man has been looking at Mars and trying to settle there. But why ? What is the fear that is forcing us to do this?
Just a few days ago I was thinking about the explosions in the sun when a news shook me. It was reported that the temperature in Kuwait reached 73 degrees. Thousands of tons of fish died due to the heat. Car tires, lights and other plastic items melted. Roads melted and became crooked, etc. The news may not be true, but I had to pay attention to the electromagnetic storms coming to the sun. When I looked at my universe, ie the solar system, I was overwhelmed with wonder and fear. I am just writing a few incidents and then I will talk about the consequences. Just look at what has happened on Earth in the last 22 days.
There is rain on the ground, there is rain, there are earthquakes, there are twisters or trends, there are mountains, there are lava eruptions. But there is something very strange about what is happening now. No country in the world is safe from these incidents at the moment.
Starting July 1. A volcano erupts in the Philippines, emitting large amounts of SO2. A few hours later, a volcano erupts in Italy, reaching a height of six kilometers.

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Then suddenly a ball of fire appears from the sky and a fire breaks out in the forests of Canada. So that's normal. But listen, a few hours later, a tornado, a twister, appears in Russia.
On the second day, a large fire broke out in the sea of ​​Mexico. And its range and height are also terrible.
On the other hand, rains in Nepal are breaking records by turning them into floods.

A few hours later, heavy rains wreak havoc in Kazan, Russia.
That night in Spain a huge fireball appears in the sky which was seen coming from the sky to the earth at a speed of 72000 km.
This is followed by a series of abnormal rains in Shizuoka, Japan, which swept away hundreds of homes. At that moment, a tornado and torrential downpour began in Bulgaria, causing flooding several feet high. This rain has not stopped yet after the earthquake and aftershocks in Chile which came hundreds of times. The earth shook for hours.
Moments later, a fire broke out in a gas and oil field in the Capsin Sea in Azerbaijan. Hundreds of meters rise above the flames and the terrible scene of the fire spread in a very large circle was enough to wash the heart.

That Mexico was surrounded by torrential rain. Several meters of water rained on an area of ​​one meter in a few hours. ۔ After a gap of a few hours, the historic Zala Bari begins in another part of Mexico.
Everything is getting weird. As if nature had started a war with us. Now, on July 14, a forest fire is raging in the United States that 14,000 firefighters are finding it difficult to send. The fire has not yet been extinguished, with dozens of tornadoes rising and destroying hundreds of homes. Which country is not facing these events? Russia, USA China, Japan, Pakistan, India, Mexico. Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Azerbaijan. Hungary In Hungary, clouds arose that were a source of fear and surprise for the Hungarian people.
Tajikistan, Venezuela, Italy. Saudi Arabia Oman, Canada, Australia There is no country where nature is not showing its frustration. The storms that hit the sun on July 23 and the explosion of atomic bombs in the active area there are also giving us a special message.

When we think about all these things and we see that our scientists are searching the sky day and night, it seems that they are looking for a safe place to hide or for human survival. Can there be a safer place for man than the earth in which man was born?
Why don't powerful countries make this land more secure by spending billions of dollars.
The July 23/22 meeting, which also discussed solar storms and the long debate at NASA and the Mars mission, also raised questions. What is being hidden from the general public?
We look forward to discovering the cause of this extraordinary event around the world in July.

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