Diseases and their types || Important Post || Science (#9)

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Some of which are extremely painful, patient, and deadly as well as incurable.
But there are some very strange types....
No one has ever heard of these diseases or disorders before. Today I will mention four or five mental illnesses that are of the "Vakhri type".
So let's get started ...

1.Mirror Touch Synaesthesia ...


If a person suffering from this disease sees a person eating shawarma, the taste of mayonnaise and chicken will dissolve in his mouth.
If someone has a blade on his finger, the patient will hold his finger even after seeing that I am also in a lot of pain in the same place.
Even if he sees two human beings embracing, he will feel the same way they both feel ...

2. Alien Hand Syndrome ...


As the name suggests ...
In this case, the problem with the patient is that his hand or arm is not under the control of the person. And that hand starts moving without his consent ... That is why this disease has been given the name that this hand has become the hand of space creatures.
By the way, it is common for a person to slap someone and say, "Dude, I'm sorry, I have Alien Hand Syndrome." Try it Our advice to married people is free ... But in case of loss, the company will not be responsible.

3. Hemispatial Neglect ...


If you ask a person to make a picture of a clock on the front wall and he makes a clock from twelve to six and makes a half clock and says, "Take it ..." Picture created ...
If you put a plate of pudding in front of someone and they eat half a plate and ask you to put more pine in my plate ...
So you understand that this person has a mental condition called Hemispatial Neglect. In this disease, a person gives up half of something at all
Ignores ... It is found in very few people.

4. Exploding Head Syndrome.


In this disease, firecrackers keep popping up in a person's head. There are explosions ... In the mind of this man, the front of the Second World War is active.
But this person has no pain,
No swelling or any kind of head injury ... It's just a psychological problem ...

5. Foreign Accent Syndrome.


A friend of yours suddenly stumbles and falls in front of you and faints ... You take him to the hospital,
Where he comes to his senses ...
And they started talking to you in American English accent ...
He should start speaking Urdu in Pashto dialect
If you start speaking Punjabi in Arabic accent, then you should understand that my friend
Foreign Accent Syndrome
The problem has occurred. In this problem, a person begins to speak the accent of a language that does not belong to his area or his mother tongue.


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