Saving A Life, Saving A Family. (A Real Life Story).

Hi, friends and co-authors,I welcome you all here in this new day.In this day, I would like to write a short story, which I want to dedicate to the community of doctors who works really hard and pour their heart to save patients life. Truly, they are our heroes and great saviours.
Hope,you would like this story.

Peep, peep! (Alarm lights are continuously shading and ringing sounds), the surgery ward is getting ready to make all the necessary arrangement done for the patient who is in a senseless state and very critically ill. Nurses packing all those instruments with the aid of lab assistants, refining the surgery blade, purifying the machines and clothings altogether.

Emma was there to observe the conditions of the patients and she always stood beside the patients relatives to calm them down.It was more of a state of emergency and the head of the surgery Department, the professor remarked that, the patient has just a slight percentage of recovery if all the sugical procedure ends up pin point successfully.Emma felt so nervous and and the same time apprehended of stabilising the patient again.

Time went by and the relatives stood motionless and fully emotional for such a big operation. Among the bunch of relatives, there were two children,one which is the patients younger daughter, who came from the school with a bag in her shoulder, sweating out and looking at her mother, that she was crying,infected the child to roll her eyes and weeping in silently.She barely could call,
Papa! Papa! Come back, I need you very much!

The younger daughter didnt know how all these things happened by such small time.It was her father even in the early morning, with whom she took her breakfast and she was preparing her lessons early in the morning, and putting all the study materials in her bag.She could clearly remember saying good bye to her mother, telling that Mom, I am coming home very soon.

Back in the morn,her father took her to the school with their personal car and when sister and father reached at the gate of the school, it was her father who kissed her daughter and said, cutie! dont do pranks with your classmates, be attentive and listen carefully what your teachers have to say and suggest. Saying this, he hugged her once again and bade a good bye and was planning to go to his office, driving the car by himself.

Passing few streets and drifting up the highway,until the steel bridge and down to the local road,everything was okay, upto the point when he parked the car in the empty passage, where he thought to take a break and have some tea,in midst of the drive.As his thinking was, so he did.
But, all of a sudden,out of nowhere a speedy truck began to lose control and was rushing towards the car with such speed.

Father could see this coming, but he only had quite a handful of seconds to get the car away from the trajectory of the car.Luckily he was holding the steering wheel and in a flash,he turned the car and could hardly keep the car away, but it was quite a some part of the back which was still on the way.Damn it! All he could do was to pray for life and neither the truck driver could do anything nor the time, because it was so little a time.

Incidentally, he got his car thrashed and quite forcefully collided with the truck, all this could he remember and still he remains unconscious.But the truck driver could say what happened, driver saw that the tail of the car was hit then and the car started to rotate like a spinner. After the collision, the truck driver stayed intact, but the father got a severe head injury.

Back to the hospital, Emma, the young doctor heard everything from the relatives and she lifted the little kid whose father was in the hospital bed and waiting for a surgery to operated in his head.Doctors trying to make proper plan for the surgery and how they should complete the session more sensibly and accurately.Doctors came to a final decision and went meticulously to the patients zone and started making the operation.

Emma tried to comfort the baby which was crying to see her father.But, Emma with her magical hands, calmed the baby down and gave a chocolate to her.She then kept her calm and went to her mother and hugged her.Emma felt the need to go to the operation room to assist those surgery specialist doctor,with the motive to help solve the patient to get back to the life again.

Emma, watched the whole surgery, the procedures and the anaesthetics application and the patient losing the sense and some expert hands operating the head.Emma could feel that those hands werent the hands of humans, rather they were the super human and angel like hands, making all the efforts to save the patient.

The patient needed 2 bags of instant blood push ins to stabilise the volume of blood inside his circulatory system.After 5 long hours of trial the doctors opened up their surgical mask and completed the surgery faultlessly.It wasnt easy at the beginning, rather it look quite a difficult task to complete, needle works to finish things off, extreme level of patience when dealing with the sensory nerves and with the fine spinal chords.

But, as for the prayer and lucky hands of the doctors, everything turned positive for them and they gor back the rhythm once again. The patient was kept in full surveillance and a close monitoring with full observation of specialist doctor.After few weeks in the hospital, everything began to seem okay and the patient been able to walk with his own feet.

Emma played a very prominent role in helping the patient to be fully alive since he also took part in the operation procedure, at the replacement of co-surgeon. Her only satisfaction of being a doctor realized only when she got to see the patients girl got her smile back and it was such a great feelings for her.She could feel that herself now could go to her father and play as both of them used to go out in the garden and at the balcony.

Emma came back home and now after a lot of hardwork,certainly understood that, her becoming a doctor has been properly materialised and dream realized.Now, all that she can do is to devote herself to the cause of saving lives and witnessing thousands of smiles like the little girl on her fathers lap.

Thanks for reading.

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