New Life. || Story Of A Modern Girl.

Hello, greetings to all of you in this community.

This is the first time I am writing for this community. There had been a gap of attending to Hive, exactly there was a reason behind that,since I had my University thesis to take, which affected my journey here on the platform.So,today I would want to write a short story for the blog and thereby hope that you would love the story.

Anna being a simple girl always wanted to live on her own, with independent status and a free will to roam anywhere and pass time with anybody she likes to.It was not just the case for her, but her friends also lived on this was.When it comes to reading in Universities, then sudden change starts to happen in the psyche of the girls and Anna had all those characters dominant in him.

Now,it wasnt the fact that her parents wanted to leave Anna to live on her own,they had the intention to guide their girl, so that some day they would see her growing and getting a good scholarship to study in the reputed college of the nation and complete the Phd. course later on.But, dreams dont come true, likewise wishes sometimes find the strength to fly on their own and for Anna, the same thing happened and she got separated from her parents.

There were couple of reasons behind her doing so,number one : her father died of the day when she passed the fall semestar and was preparing for the masters entrance exam to pursue.That news came as a shock and when she started to find herself alone and no such room for her to live happily and her mother had another marriage imploded upon, Anna took her own way and understood that, with her fathers death -- all the happiness also dried up and there is no sign of pleasure to get from the family and she never had the mindset to love her step-father.

It wasnt the matter of hate as she could feel that, she had no such attitude to tolerate that man, so she left the house and started to live on her own.The first couple of days were so much troublesome, as she was living on her own in a single apartment, she had to go out and look after her and at the same time protecting her from the external threats and haunts of the anti-social.

She had a part time job,with which she could take her own care and earn a living.Her tuition fee was way negligible and so she could quite fairly fill up all her needs day by day.For some times, it was easy to carry on the expenses and for some times she had to cut some dollars off from other entertainment purpose.Such was the case for her and days were good back then.

But, quite sometimes she felt sorry for being in the state of quarreling with her mother, she understood that her mother didnt have any fault and she needed to have a husband and it was the rule, but Anna seemed to have intolerance for such choice.Her mother knew that Anna would be alone after the incident,but it was more of passion which led her to chose that and Anna found her own way forward.

One morning, she was walking beside the long garden of the university and bought a cup of coffee and sat on the bench with a book on her hand.The weather was good and sun had a soft light and touch of it was so sweet.She had a book on her lap and was in the move of reading it.Suddenly, a young man came beside him and asked, if she had a bottle of water.Anna gave her water pot and Raphael (the young man) drank the water.

Both of them discussed few things out of formalities. But, after a few days when they came to know that they were close to their floor and have similar department in the same floor, then the distance began to mitigate and closeness came as the next few days, they were busy in gossipping and having fun together. After the lecture sessions, both of them used to talk about state political issues,the social movements and the internal affairs going on inside the campus.

But,first few weeks,the talks were limited to only in the formal issues, but slowly things flew high and they were pretty comfortable in dealing the matters of persoal issues, being something intimate and thus the gap between two hearts came near and they found themselves in the love affairs.

Anna since then wasnt alone anymore,rather she was surrounded with a good friend whom she could trust easily and help each other in times of health.She took that relationship as a gift from the God and thanked for the meetup and solving problems of her life.

After few years, both of them got married and began to have their journey together. Thats how a new life began for Raphael and Anna, they had their own family plan, about how the family would go and arranging the setup for the family and of course Anna had her mother whom she missed and out of a surprise, she planned for meeting her husband to loving mother.

One day,they both went to the old apartment where they met with the people and the neighbours whom she knew from childhood, said that her mother looked for Anna and that has been quite a year Anna missed her mother and despite she had the emotions for her mother,but she was in anguish and which made him to part with her mother.

After Anna got married, she thought, ok this would be the time to get heri husband introduced with her family and Raphael was making the urge to have a meet up with her mother. For the reason, she got back home after a few long years and began searching their old apartment.

After a few hours of searching, they found the home.It was as the same as she saw few years back. She stunned her mother by entering into the kitchen and hugging her mother tightly.At first, she couldnt believe her eyes, but when time flew on,everything became normal.Her mother was very happy that her girl chose a good people as her husband and so she prayed the both.

After that event, their new journey began and both of them were happily lived since then.Thats how the journey of a new life ended.

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