"Document 13" A Dystopian Tale: Part 2


This is the second part of the dystopian graphic novel I'm creating with my daughter. As I said before, I'm hoping that by posting it here I'll actually work on it (not working yet! 😜). I'm posting it scene by scene so not every post will be the same length. This is a bit shorter than last week's scene.

If you haven't read the first part, find it here


Interior of dome. The dome is roughly 75 feet at the top. It covers a complex of buildings. The main building is an old converted church. “St. Sebastian Cathedral” is written above the main entrance. Unlike outside, there is green grass around the buildings and much of the yard is covered by small vegetable gardens. The orange tint of the sky outside is absent, replaced by almost daylight. The roof of the dome is white, and multiple light panels are mounted which make the place feel almost like the world before. Children walk to and fro, working the gardens, carrying packages, etc.

The figure we saw before is seen sneaking into a back door of one of the buildings, she is empty-handed.

Interior. Dark and cramped hallway space. Sarah enters, and another girl is seen walking towards her.

Girl: Sarah, where have you been? You know the headmistress doesn’t allow wandering. You were out too long!

Sarah: I was caught by the dogs.

Girl: Again?! Where’s your donation?

Sarah: Dammit, I must have dropped it when I…

Girl: No time to explain. The headmistress is waiting to see you. Here, take this, I snagged an extra box on my run. you need something to offer her, she’s furious.

She hands Sarah a small box.

Sarah: thank you, Robin, you’re a lifesaver.


Thanks for reading! I'll post the next part in a week. This is almost motivating me to keep adding to the story!

What do you think so far?





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