"Document 13" A Dystopian Tale: Part 3


Here is this week's exciting installment of "Document 13", a dystopian graphic novel I'm creating with my daughter.

The year is 2074, the world has been plunged into ecological and social ruin. One girl, Sarah Doe, will learn the secrets of the dark forces that led to such catastrophe. With the help of a few friends, her family, and her own powers she will fight to return the world to an order not known since well before her birth. Will she succeed? Read to find out!

If you haven't read the other parts, go back and read them first!

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Interior of Headmistress Matthews’ office. The space is decorated with numerous sculptures in styles ranging from classical figures to abstract moderns, there are also paintings ranging from religious themes to postmodern. The office is clean but somewhat cluttered.

Headmistress Matthews is sitting behind a large mahogany desk, her elbows resting on top with her hands pressed together as in prayer. She looks agitated. She is of an indeterminate age, with a long slender nose, bright white hair in a style unseen in modern times, and sharp blue eyes. Her whole face is rather sharp looking. She is dressed in a navy blue dress.

Sarah enters timidly. She stares at the floor.

HM: Sarah, where have you been?

S: I... I’m so sorry, I got caught. The patrols have been worse these past few…

HM: The patrols?! I specifically sent you to that quadrant because I had the patrols reduced! Are you sure you went to the right place? Your tracker didn’t say you wandered….

S: Yes ma’am. I… I….

HM: Did you make the drop at least?

S: Yes ma’am. And I brought this donation back for the fundraiser. .

Sarah places the package gently on the desk and backs up.

HM: Good. You have always been my best fundraiser. Unlike the others, you don’t get killed by the patrols. I had to start sending them out in pairs. But you have always been agile enough to do your work alone. Perhaps I will send you with Robin tomorrow, since you’re slipping on your own. Now go.

S: Yes ma’am.

Sarah backs out of the room, her head down, never turning her back to the Headmistress.


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for next week's installment!

I can say this week that posting here has actually compelled me to start writing more scenes and go back and edit what I have so far. So it's working!

What do you think so far?





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