Unquenched Wishes 🌺 //( Story That Reflects Pain)...

At times its the surface of the early afternoon that shows the moments and the states that life has come up to. The waves keep falling and rising up to the challenges in every beautiful morning, that some parts of the life is for growing and its the youth that follows through it and sets tone of a long journey - deeply felt in the hearts of the traveller.Sometimes, very few of them sees it and sometimes its the agony that piles up when destiny rolls upto the corner of unfulfilled wishes.


Life takes us to a new level and sometimes the break from the past life is what makes us feel so low spirited, that the families left behind for a cause has a certain story to tell,that at the times of youth, the strong fisted body wants to play the lead role, supporting the family and standing by them all the times, the promise of never letting the hands go,in weal and woe and times when it feels to spare them all. Today,you would hear a relatively realistically true story.

Dry leaves at the season of summer, the hot weather and the dried up soil, ponds and the rivers seem to lose half of their water, the dogs and the animals lost the willpower to stay in the burning sun, in the scorching heat of the weather that made them to bath in the ponds. A young man seemed as to sit in the shade of a tree with an ice cream in hand and a pensive look in the eyes of him is what catches the attention much more.He thought for the life he has now and the years of time that has been spent in the village.

David, living in a remote village that is surrounded by ponds and lakes, waterlands in the corner of it, which seemed as to give him the peace and pleasure, every time he comes back from the city. Wherever one goes, its the homeland that gives much pleasure, its like returning back in the heaven from the long roads of hell. He could feel the same and being alone in the shades of a wooden forest, its like he has got the lost treasure back and the feel was awesome.

Davids story starts from the moment,he could remember the day he left his homeland for the first time. Going back to a city, that had all the arrangements to live a dignified life certainly seemed as a new experience going to be in that time, he could feel that his eyes were full of dreams, ambitions and skyrocketing hopes that one day he would come back with a better version of him and solve all the scarcity his family and the villagers had.


He filled all his bags and took the money left for him for the purpose of expenses, in the time his parents, the neighbours, the villagers came to greet and bade him, because he was leaving the village for quite half of a decade. He waved his hand and said good bye to them, he was bit of emotional and rather never wanted leave them behind and enter into a civic weather where people are busy in harming others and gaining only the self interests at the cost of victimizing others.
But, he only had the option to go.

His boat floated on and on and travelled a lot of distances, met with a sudden storm and in that time it looked as that the boat is going to sink into the abyss of thrle long tidy river and their journey woupd nip in the water, ending the story of David's life. But the fate had its own plan, the turn of events made him to undergo all the crises and the life hasld offers to give to him, showing him the cold and warmth of the journey he made through.

The life at the civic weather looked pretty tough at the first time, he had no friends and not even a man to talk with him. He felt lonely and the life took over a serious challenge, days seemed as not passing and every single day he had to go to the workplace and coming back at the house at the end of the day,collecting and buying foods with the money left in the drawer and spending them in buying necessary measures items to live a usual life.

Now, at the first glance the challenge may seem easy to lead, but when a months ended, he did feel like his body seemingly not gaining the energy to move, despite all the material pleasures that was attractive and he was doing well in his work, got successive bonuses and interests that drove him to a new level. He certainly felt the need of having someone as a companion, time seemed as not going on and day after day -- he found himself again lonely and desultorily moving a person.

Now that he had his obligations and he just couldnt go back to his home and only the memories of the past began to come before his eyes. Ah! The days in the monsoon, when he used to collect mangoes and moving in the streams of the water all the afternoon ; eating the berries with spices in hand still haunts him like a passion. It was just a swift day, and highly pleasurable a weather that the childhood memories were golden to him. At the waking hours of the life ; he had the meaning of life and now he has nothing but a - onerous life.


One side of his life there was Sabrina, a girl of his age who had the opportunity to mix with David and the two were busy in gossiping all day long, returning from the college together and at times exchanging love and future plan for each other that was kept inside the mind. David loved her a lot and with whom he planned to pass the rest of the life. Now it seems as all the colors of his life has faded away and only the ashes left ; at the time when the charcoals burn out and only the remaining bears the testimony of a long journey.

The past thought seemed as to tell upon the health of him, all day he spent in forgetting the past, the memories he bore with her, he wanted to doze them in the liquor, in the forgetfulness of the past with the music, he didnt even know how she is, if she still alive or not, married to someone or still its his Sabrina, the same as he left her in the days passed.He knows that the challenge hasnt finished yet and the future is only tough to tread.

He seemed as to make up his mind, and the responsibility to lead his life and the family is even more fundamental than the affairs he made during the period of his childhood.Sometimes the default responsibility of life gets even necessary than the dreams, ambitions, love, the call of hearts that the life has to go throughout the period of struggles and meeting them in the worst days passing throughout. For David it was a painfull a life that he had to follow through, yet he didnt have any options to choose for, he got onto the incessant march for finding the truths of life.


A smoke of cigarettes at the end of the day, he feels the peace in forgetting the woes throughout the puffs and the memories steadily released through it.So many miles have gone away and he just had the personal sufferings to follow on, being a lonely man and agony be in his side, that life has taken him to a long distance and he walked through it, each day and each night, moments of restless awakening, the heart started to binge on the depth of the water and the river and the flow of it floated his heart all the way.

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