Love For Lost Friends!! //( A Personal Short Fiction)...

Well,welcome back, guys.How do you do? Hoping that you are fine and safe. Life is beautiful, isnt it? Some of you are passing a difficult time and finding balance to live and same for me here.Struggles are always there for all of us and just dont worry about it. My suggestion to you --just keep moving and keep the smile up on your face.Okay? Now smile.


Anyway,today was a special day for me and so I decided to make that day special with a story write and my literary ideas to share with you. It was a wonderful day of passing some time with my fellow and loved people's. I got some chance of getting together with them, so it was pretty enjoyable.Right now, as I am thinking about how to write the story with formulation,my mind saying : just listen to my story. I hope, you will have good time reading it.

The story is sad a bit and you would be emotional reading till the end, but forgive me for that.Life sometimes turn sad and we just need to move with it.See you at the end of the story.Thanks, take love.💖

How It Started.

Family is so important in all the universe we live, right? I am speaking about the parents and brothers,sisters, siblings and other close relatives. Passing time with them is so beautiful and we just keep loving them and they also love us back.But there are certain time of life that demands to leave them away for sometimes, going miles away and entering a whole bit different world,where people everywhere we look --unknown and strangers like. But,then we learn to live and as the law of nature : we adjust and evolve.

Not all the people we meet dont become friends and all the friends dont be soulmates.Just some of them out of hundred come closer and we mingle with all and have fun throughout the life. Sometimes friendship turns into temporary enmity and sometimes we fight a hard balance for the life,sorrows and pains break our heart and we ride in the emotional carriage, when we get to see sudden distance getting created in Between, its because we entered a new page of life and time has changed.

Feelings never leave us alone, even in times we try to get rid of it.In my life,I had a quite bunch of friends and I am grateful to God for giving me those jewels, in times when I started to feel alone and it was a timely solution when I needed a group of people for the secluded life I used to lead back a decades time ago.

Deep Inside The Story.

The first day when I reached in the University, it was quite a lonely day for me as I travelled half a thousand miles from my city and crossed a big river to reach there.I was alone and so I needed to have a friend of my own.I was searching for friends and quite suddenly I got more others, with whom I developed a quite big forward acquaintances.

I was happy those days to have them with me, we used to walk a long way and sometimes passing times in hangouts and relaxing right beside a river, catching time for fishing and simming in the bit cold river water.
The bathing was such an enjoyable and joyous moments,as I recall back at the time when there were few coconut trees beside the river and we used to have the juices of it. During the time of noon and the time when the sun was up, and scorching heat was quite sharp enough for dogs to dive relentlessly onto the water, such was the sheer warmth!!!

It was the time of night, when we used to make some instruments ready for cooking what we prepared during the day time.A Bar-B-Q with chop staked grilling spoons and the masala flavour in it,the crsipy toast and raw onions full in the stake,with newly made salad bowl with Ketchup, with hunger as the best sauce, we used to party all night and have some gossiping until midnight it was to take rest and for sleep our eyes began to shrivel and drowsiness fully loaded.

The casual afternoon was for playing outside the house and going out wild and free -travelling to distances and mountains, to the end of horizon and butting the heightened mountain to the clouds, playing music in the guitar and fusing melodies to lift the heart, to gear up feelings in happiness, in heavenly bliss to ecstatic merriment --where else and what more you need from God as a gift out of friends?

I quite wished a lot, so that the days be just like that, passing some times with family and some with friends on the other side of my city, where I lived that time.But, fate was quite fatal and like every departure and ending of pages of life, I had to go to the other page and I certainly found that I entered completely a whole new chapter. Ah! How fast time flew and I graduated from college.
It was still just the near wednesday when I entered but the Earth cirlced 4 times around the sun.
And my day of exit came before.

When everything ended,the friends began to get vanished, with the golden and beautiful past, the life at the river, the wandering,the afternoon walks, the awesome feelings in the lakeside camps and feasts with stakes and frowning each other out of fun,playing with all of them, oh!! Everything just gone away, and sweet memories of those feelings and memories just giving me pain. I cant think my life looking forward, because the past was my lifeI dreamt and enjoyed.

Now,there are certain things we let give away out of default,and so as the memories. No such things stay forever and the memories in our life arent going to come back ever, just like birds fly and leave its sight, we feel charmed at watching and bird just flies on and on. So as the moments back at the time.The time I stepped on a quite different life, I begn to feel that there is a certain vacuity inside.

A feeling of emptiness inside the heart that I began to bore, my pains became strong and rough, a new responsibility came to my shoulder, and a new family as a burden to move it forward, meaning that I am no longer a solo-person I am collectively a unit family and so I couldnt start to fly as I used to do when the college days were there. Then,I could feel that, everything is gone,all is lost with it.

Some of my friends in that peer group now resides far thousand miles away from my house, more of what I lost all their contacts and so as their address. They are all scattered and never know whether I could meet with them,again in the same place and with same feelings --but in different time and age.

I know that they have their own life to lead, own tasks to do and duties to complete, towards their family and parents.Thats the nature of life and the living ;so, nobody really likes to bother others because things have changed quite so far and part of that was due to the time --the change agent which created distance between these minds, miles apart, but yet so close in mind.
Thats what was the essence of true-friendship.

Now, I do go to bed every falling night and rise up every morning with eyes opened and mind freed, but I crave for one thing.To have a reunion with them,in the same place and in the same time with the sam e fresh mind.I know, it wont be the same ever again,but why not having a try? Why not calling them all to assemble and join hearts together to sing a song? Oh the moments, why you dont be mine forever? And my heart blew on.. 🙂💔

The Ending Thoughts.

So,how was the story? I hope, you liked it.I am hoping to have some remarks and suggestion from you.Your opinion would help me to adjust my write for next stories.Thanks all, be blessed and good bye until next time.See you again.1. item1

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