Leaving The Empty Kingdom... //( A Wonderful Story) ...

For so many reasons on the earth, the price of wanting someone to be permanent in ones life, putting stake the last belonging - the life itself and the result is having the person forever -- thats sometimes make an impression, that is unmatched to any stories ever organised and felt deeply inside the heart of the audience. Journey takes us to a stage, where we either drive it away nor take it inside the heart. It always carries on with us.

The journey of the story I would tell for todays take, it goes and reaches deep into the time when the onset starts to flourish, the seeds start to grow after the planting, when no ropes are there to hold the hands down and no liabilities are there to make and no pains spare the happinesses, snatching it away from ones corner. I have special reasons to write this story down and narrate in this way, because quite a many times, I personally envisioned myself in this situation and my feelings never got drained, rather it floated from the riverside of Mississippi to the Atlantic tips and on.


Quite in a busiest day of a small village, the spring when covered up the whole place, at the time when flowers in all the gardens of the village bloomed, the blood coloured and the marigolds, the lilly flowers floating on the river and the ponds, waterlands as it started to get softy and beautiful, the fragrance when the belly flowers aroused the nose to smell it and get lost in fantasy, the senses when starts to say, oh! The time! Oh! The life. My beautiful village and its the heaven has fallen and I feel like ecstatic and this moment, what can be said. A boy was born with all the golden spoon in his mouth.

The luxury was a part of his life and he had all the ingredients to live a decent life. It was like the palace, a majestic face, a bold character, a beautiful mind and the society, so grand and wise ;the highest social status, endowed with the richness of cultures and all of which seemed to provide a jolly impression on Joes face. He started to grow up with all these things together and held his way forward to win the hearts of other in his kingdom.


Joe's childhood was fairly good and it was packed with unfailing resources, want and the lacking of something, thats what he never missed in his life. Even he didnt have to seek for anything and the reason he brought up to be outsider of his world, he knew that the boundaries and the kingdom where he lives day after day,without any tension,any fear, any apprehension of losing anything in his life, all these things arent the actual sauce of life. Rather he wanted to go outside and travel to places where his heart takes him to.

The time when Joe grew up, he had developed a new way of looking at things, so the fact that when he was surrounded with so many peoples, which was wise, prudent, considerate and knowledged, he seemed to have formed such characters that moulded his life to a great extent, and he ended up becoming wiser in the long run. He felt strongly and thought deeply that he has to do something and more than anything in life, self-dependancy and being free is such a thing, that everybody wants to have,and without it life is meaningless.

So, at the 18th birthday, unlike the other previous birthday he had in his life before, just as he demanded big bunch of chocolates, cakes, toys and drones, cars and other instruments, he completely changed his mind and asked his father, the great king of a kingdom to listen to the wishes he had kept for a quite years time. He wanted to be free and leave the kingdom, he doesnt want any money, any wealths or the glories, he just wanted to go and explore the world, the actual earth -- way way far from the kingdom.


He narrated and opined as he wants to go deeper into the streams of the common people where they have been living for years, not living in plenty - but in cheap conditions ; beyond the expensive artificialities and the full fledged stomachs and filling it to take a big sleep, rather being happy and satisfied with little things in possessions and keeping the spirit high, because they have settled firmly in their convictions that, the actual life is just living in the hearts content, and that doesnt mean to be live like a king.

He told his father that, quite a time in the late afternoon,the time I went outside the realm and saw a wood-cutter who was returning from the local market and he seemed to have been happy with the little lucrative trade he had in his day. I could see that his smile was so jovial and such attractive that I could feel deeply in my heart for him, I wanted to hug him, because he had suffered such terrible pain in his life ; that he won the struggles and came up being victorious at the end of the day and the nights are for good times to enjoy with the family.

Joe took the permission and packed everything to go for the outing and living in a place where he could see and feel the meaning of living in the world, where the nature remains true and the actual point of living is. He headed towards the south side of their palace and came to a place where he anticipated that he would meet with the woodcutter in that day.He came down a mountain and a canyon and walked through a hillside forestland and finally reached in the front of the cottage.


He shouted to see if anyone comes back hearing his sound and finally met with a girl who seemed to come back from a local college where she was in search of studying a career in healthcare.Joe had not much knowing acquaintances with the woodcutter, but he never knew that the old man had a young girl who goes to a medical college. The first time Joe saw her, he was so fond of loving, that he straight forward fall in pity and wanted to express words with her, but his usual shy was such things that disallowed to let him go.

Joe told that, he has decided to leave the luxurious life and made up his mind to be a normal guy and with an intention to spend his days with the other countrymen and the plain way that they live. The woodcutter said in response that the life they lead, arent easy and only can be romanticized by the fools who think that it is easy. He described how hard he works to maintain the status of his family and leading them in a safer way. But, out of grace the woodcutter said that, he wants her girl to be educated and lead the society and the healthcare system development.

Hearing this, Joe became so lifted and high spirited that he said,I am in full love with her and I have seen strong willpower in your girl's eyes and the truth is that, if she works hard and sustain a career in where she finds comfort and meaning to serve, she will surely excel and success in her own approach. I just need your permission to hold her hands forever and I would provide all the things she needed, ranging from the equipments and the medicinal items, logistics and books, the utensils and stethos to the skeleton, so that she could fulfil her dream.

The woodcutter replied in affirmative and thanked with all he had and Joe never let him to feel sorry for his status, in fact he extended his hands to a long way and established a true rapport wih him.
The girl became so happy that she found a man with a majestic influence, a character bold & intelligent ; who could hold hands of her and carry her to the last days of her life and she became so satisfied that she even cried out of joy.


With the event on, Joe left the luxury for the rest of his life.With a few things from his fathers property, he invested that in business and built a career there and the profit from that sector, he provided the support to the girl she loved and thats how a peaceful relationship moved on and the story ended last.

Thanks For Reading.

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