Story. Life in a metropolis. Work and vacation dreams



Only yesterday Vara was in the boundless bustle of a huge metropolis, where everything is permeated with only one thing - work and work. The very work that does not make a Man with a capital letter out of anyone, but a chased horse, from which business people want only one thing - to make a profit. But from one moment in this business and crazy race, Vera received a certain winning lottery ticket. And it felt so good. The boss signed her a vacation application, and in the midst of summer time. She still did not believe that the happiness that had fallen on her was already with her, and she was using it one hundred percent. The joy that she was already far from all the bustle of the city did not let go and crushed with a kind of lump in her throat. Arriving at a well-known resort, Vera first of all looked where and what are the best buildings? She didn’t even doubt that she would be able to get a number for herself on the first line, so that she would “have a sea view”. And so it happened, Vera was able to quickly agree on a Reception, since young guys were working there at that time. And that was the deciding factor! She knew how to seduce ...

The room was acceptable. Large room with windows directly to the sea and a balcony. In the middle there is a large bed, in the bathroom there is not only a shower, but also a small jacuzzi, spacious wardrobes where Vera easily placed all her things, a large TV on the wall, and next to a small refrigerator with drinks.
Two weeks, two weeks of the sea and the sun - sang in her head. The quarterly report was behind, the boss was pleased.

  • You, Vera, well done! Keep it up!
    Vera immediately grabbed this thread.
  • Vitaly Karlovich, would I go on vacation? I missed my vacation last year.
    The old salt shaker had nothing to say. He looked again at the report, sighed and said.
  • Good. Go to accounting and take vacation pay.

Vera put on a swimsuit, over it a light dress, dark glasses from MARIO ROSSI and, looking at herself in the mirror, straightened her hair. Not bad - stylish, and at the same time - not pretentious. No one will know that she is just an office rat. He is especially dark, tall, tanned, educated, witty. However, he may be blond.
She was hungry; slammed the door of the room, walked to the elevator to go downstairs to the dining room. When the elevator door opened, she was about to step inside, when suddenly ... is it really him?

No, it wasn't him, which is good. Vera involuntarily recalled what caused a nervous shiver to run through the skin of her hand, which she pressed to her chest. The plot of the story that happened until now somewhat darkened her memories when climbing Olympus, where she wanted to win. All this happened quite recently, although even before she got a new job. And before that, she met the one she dreamed of - Him. And here He is in front of her - tall and handsome, athletic and impetuous, dark-skinned and with a charming smile. His name was Sergei. He looked more like an Italian, like a magazine cover. In short, every woman's dream. They easily somehow immediately got to know each other, and after a few days she found out something that she would not need to know, in general. But fate decreed otherwise.

Sergei was a businessman, and not an oligarch of some sort, but of an "average hand", but apparently he had money, judging by his expensive outfit - from a suit and shirt to shoes and watches. Vera understood that Sergei knows how to make money. Already, when they became somewhat so mentally close (more precisely, they became very close), he told her about his misadventures that happened to him. When his business gained momentum and "big" money appeared, life changed immediately. His wife (now former), having persuaded his close friend and work partner (they were lovers), betrayed him. Together they had been preparing for more than a year to treacherously take away his entire business. At one time, Sergei did not suspect anything, trusting in everything both his friend and his wife.

Once Sergei learned from an old friend about the secret relationship of his wife with his partner, began to watch them, and later, and, in general, hired a private detective to find out the whole truth. After talking with his brother, Sergei decided to get ahead of them and came up with a very interesting topic of "divorce" for these two lovers, in order to fully reveal what they had in mind. And at the same time then pay them off as they deserve. With his brother, they organized a car accident in which he (as it were) dies. Meanwhile, he secretly flies to Siberia in the taiga, in order to disappear from the horizon for some time. Then his brother began to run all the affairs - from imitating his funeral to managing the business, which he inherited. His brother's wife at one time even tried to establish a "relationship" with him, but nothing came of it. The initial idea of ​​taking over the company with her lover failed her. She rushes about and does not know what to do? The trouble is that her brother blocked her access to the company's accounts and blocked her cards.

And Sergei, on his way to Siberia, has a love affair, where, in general, he met her - Vera. And in an instant she fell in love with him so that she could not even imagine how she had lived without him before? Moreover, in a distant province, working in such a remote place in the Northern Urals, which is even difficult to imagine. Now she works in a decent metropolitan company, and in good standing with the boss. Vera knows that from the first days he "laid eyes on her" (an old libertine). And this is kind of "on hand" for her, she often uses this "position" of hers. However, as it has now happened with the vacation. And before that, in the provincial outback, she had to work with someone! Everybody dreamed that she would earn money and “make legs” out of this pit, from which not everyone managed, in general, to escape. With grief in half - it happened for her, it worked out.

Vera understands very well that she does not have much of a chance for Sergei to marry her. Therefore, she had a dream - to get pregnant from him, and then try to marry herself. The child is her salvation to enter the world of business, where everything is completely different. She has always been attracted by this alluring and unattainable gloss of this world, the beauty and grooming of those women who are the wives of business men. But Sergei unexpectedly makes her another offer - to participate in the "divorce" that they came up with with his brother. She was assigned, just the role of the woman whom Sergei decided to marry, after he announced to everyone about his unexpected resurrection. What is all this for? And in order to rewrite part of the capital to her and reduce the claims from the ex-wife in case of divorce. From surprise, Vera almost fainted (the joy that turned out for her at once)!

But in this performance, for Vera, there are many innuendos on the part of Sergei. She would like their relationship to be more trusting. So far this has not worked out and she felt it. And then something happened that no one expected. The fact that Sergei is alive - his wife finds out. How it became possible is not clear? But the fact is the fact and the trump cards are revealed. For Vera, Sergei expressed his vision that it was she who informed Moscow that he was alive. As soon as Vera did not try to explain to him that it was not her, nothing worked. Sergei did not believe her. In despair, Vera was going to give up everything and go back to her Urals, but an hour later she changed her mind, realizing that then it would be death to all her ambitious plans, and she only needed victory. A victory in which she becomes a socialite. She packs up her things and secretly leaves early in the morning for the capital. It is after this that she finds a job in a company where she has a good job. Her boss respects her for her professionalism, which is so lacking in the current managers of the younger generation. Although most of the employees envy her (women).

Plunging into work, Vera began to somehow forget about how they met with Sergei, and how she wanted to become his wife. Of course, Vara was not deprived of male attention here at work in the company. The men all as one - admired her figure and ... inaccessibility. Many would like to be with her ... but she didn’t even give anyone a reason in the plan for someone to have any hopes there. So she got the nickname - "Madame". This, apparently, from its inaccessibility? Well, and the female half, of course, scoffed about her, and more evil and sarcastically speaking in her direction. They gave her a consonant, but biting nickname "Nedam". So everything would roll in a normal rhythm at work and part of the house, but fate always throws something in completely unexpected moments in our life. So it happened with Vera this time. She was on her way to rest, but it turned out that Mister Great Chance brought her back to where she no longer really wanted. So, let's go back again to the moment when Vera got out of the elevator ...

When she bumped into a man as she exited the elevator, she shuddered. The fact that it was not He, that is, Sergei, was well understood at first glance. But badly on the other hand - it was his brother, with whom Sergei then staged the whole performance on a car accident on the road and "his own death." Vera even dismissed this vision as if it were an annoying mosquito, but the vision did not disappear. The man stood in front of her, examined her and smiled - exactly the same smile as Sergei's. Everything happened in just a few seconds, but that was enough for Vera to understand - was there something wrong here? It just can't be! Sergei's brother, Vladimir, after their performance was over, and the divorce proceedings were decided in favor of Sergei, Volodya flew with some girl somewhere abroad. Or to Paris, or to London - Vera didn't know exactly? And why, in fact, is he here, and, in general, how could he be here - she could not understand ?! All this was somewhat interesting to her, but also somehow adorned. And at that moment several people entered the elevator, the door closed, and the elevator rolled up, and they and Vladimir remained opposite each other. So they stood in silence.

Vladimir broke the silence and asked Vera: "How did you get here?"
To which Vera replied: "So I would like to know how and what brought you here to the Russian resort, do you love to travel abroad more and more?"
“You know, somehow I got fed up there, boring and melancholy. There are few acquaintances, and if there are, then everything is entirely on show-off, and the talk is only about money ... "
Vera, after a little pause, asked: "How is Sergey?"
Vladimir, intently looking into her eyes, slowly answered, drawing out his words, as if he was pondering something before saying: “You know Vera, how this whole performance ended for all of us, where the main character was my borat. Sergei got into this role so that he still cannot get out of it! Apparently, he had to go to the artists for a long time, but he just did not know it? And then because of him I left the cordon to stop the kind of role-playing game he had started, where he alone wins, and always! "
"So you are brothers!" - Vera said in response to Vladimir.

"So what? Well, yes - brothers, but Sergei just somehow got into play, dragging one actor into this theater first, you and me, and then a lot of people who still cannot understand - where is the truth and something real, but where is Sergey's abstract fiction? Do you remember how many people then because of all this ... quit their job in the company and left, and only to not participate in this stupid show. In one year we have lost all the specialists who could work professionally in our business! "
After that, Vladimir invited Vera to sit right in the foyer, saying: "Why are we standing in front of the elevator, let's at least sit down in the corner over there!"
But Vera objected, answering Vladimir: “No, let us meet at least two or three hours later, I am now somewhat in a mood not to continue our conversation with you! Good?" Vladimir nodded affirmatively to her in response, apparently realizing that he shocked Vera with his unexpected appearance here at the hotel, where she was.

We agreed to meet at the entrance in two hours. Vera returned to her room, her excitement was strong, her pulse went off scale, and her heart was ready to jump out of her chest. A lot of "interesting" things happened in her life, but so that like this ... she sat down on the edge of the wide bed and thought. What can this new meeting lead to? Something told her that everything was not just so. This meeting with Vladimir will now have to have some kind of continuation, but how? She did not know this, and how could she know, if everything is like this somersault once again goes in her life. Only yesterday she thought that everything was left behind, she agreed with the chief about a vacation. I even came here and found joyful peace inwardly, looking out the window at the sea. And here you are - on ... that's why all this is to her? A tear involuntarily slipped down Vera's cheek, she felt sorry for herself. Is everything starting to repeat itself again, as then in Moscow, when they came from Siberia, after they participated with Vladimir in that nationwide divorce for fools? Having cried so many tears there and having calmed down a little, Vera lay down on the bed, and dozed off ...

Through her sleep, Vera heard someone's voices, they were approaching, then receding. And among these voices she well (and very clearly) heard the voice of Vitaly Karlovich (the boss), who spoke loudly: “Vera! Wake up, it's not good to sleep at work! Who will make the quarterly report for you? " Vera slowly opened her eyes and jumped out of her chair in surprise, so much so that she almost fell. It turns out that she is in the office, and an angry boss stands in front of her and looks at her so badly. Vera could not understand anything, where is she, what is happening around? Several people were standing nearby, colleagues at work, everyone was smiling. So they were very pleased that she, as a "particularly responsible employee" (as the boss told everyone), was finally caught, and how they caught her! Here is a good case to bring a beauty down to earth. In short, another office intrigue was gaining momentum, where Vera has now become the main character. A very angry Vitaly Karlovich, already leaving, turned to her and said: "Put yourself in order and come to my office!" In his hand, Vera noticed her vacation application ... So the joy of the first day of vacation instantly turned into a gray routine of the working day, and Vera from a super beauty turned again into a gray office mouse, which now many will laugh at and scoff at her failure. Ah, dreams, how beautiful you are! But how bad it is when dreams collapse, and in an instant ...

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