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“Gimp and Fart ... of the Riphean Mountains! Or the golden belt of the Urals "- the first book of my reports on the development of gold mining in the historical places of this mining craft of the Urals and especially those cities of the Southern Urals, where the most mined places of" solar metal "in Russia are still located. The book provides many historical backgrounds, comparisons, documents and photographs.

On the pages you can familiarize yourself with modern definitions, documents and photographs of my partners, who unexpectedly started this mining business to search for and extract gold. The reader will see the formation of this business at a time when huge "monsters and sharks" of gold mining work in this segment not only in Russia, but also abroad: in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, African countries, Latin America and so on.

Format - 148 mm x 210 mm.
Volume - 415 pages.




Another book of my creative work on the theme "Romance, Songs and Poems", where I wanted to reflect my perception of the beauty that women, nature and the world around us give us. In the future, I would like to release this collection of lyric texts in electronic form, so that reading would be available to everyone who owns smartphones and tablets. In the book, you can see the very edge of inspiration that makes you see the world more beautiful, on every page and in every line there is a particle of my soul. Let any reader understand the most important thing, that the world in which we live is beautiful!

Romances, songs and poems of my new collection are devoted primarily to the divine beauty of women, the world around us, and the poet's emotional experiences. I would like the reader to fully understand exactly what I wanted to convey.

Format - 148 mm x 210 mm.
Volume - 350 pages.




Sometimes I wanted so much to talk about that wonderful time of my youth that in the end I decided to write a book about my first love. A love that stayed with me forever, often bringing me back to those distant days. The thought constantly appeared in my head, what to name the book? There were two titles: "Taiga Love Story" and "What, let's tear everything to Tunguska?" The latter was affirmed, although the former was more to my liking, since it is about love that will be discussed. Well, what about travel and adventures - they are also well reflected on the pages, albeit briefly.

The book is dedicated to the memories of the adventures that happened to me in those distant times of the Soviet past. It was there that my beautiful days remained, more like a beautiful dream or fairy tale. A fairy tale that passed as quickly as it actually began. The only thing that tormented me for many years later was the thought: "Could something have been different, not the way it happened?" Although

Format - 148 mm x 210 mm.
Volume - 200 pages.



All three books were written by me and published in hardcover and in full color. There are also many photographs and images in the books, so that the reader is more interested in reading and seeing where and how something happened. The first book has been reprinted twice already. If it will be interesting for authors and bloggers in the community, then I will continue to make posts with my books, which were published earlier in the course of 10 years. And a little about myself, as the author of many poems, miniatures and stories. I have written (over a rather long period of my life) and published books on various topics from poetry and prose, to instructions for mining and prospects for the development of an alternative economy, including new technologies and blockchain with the introduction of electronic currencies in business - production, agriculture and trade.

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