Rising Star Giveaway win 1 Card NFT 96 (daily)

We are already Wednesday and today is the second week of my Leoball raffle that comes with more prizes and easier to get.
If you want to win 1 Rare Card from Risingstar do not hesitate to sign up, in addition to the 250 Leo pot (about $ 50)

The card of the day is:

31 Wayne
Supply : 4000
Issued : 4000 discontinued

The winner of the draw @etiboy56

Rules of participation in the draw:

Follow me, to be attentive to all the draws
Vote this post
Leave a comment with your name Rising Star
The giveaway is active until the next publication.
Double your chances if you share Lolz in the comments.

Others awards:

I will vote 100% on the first comment
I'll give some Luv to the second comment
I will distribute some pizza to the third comment.
I will give some Lolz to the comments
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Participants in previous draws:
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If you don't want me to tag you, make a comment and I'll delete you.

If someone still does not play this fun NTF music game and wants to use my link https://www.risingstargame.com?referrer=yeckingo1

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