Today I bought a CENTAURI MAGE card from earth unit

Hello my loving Blockchain gaming community,

Welcome to my splinterlands post. How is it going, friend? I hope everything will be find. I am a gamer who plays splinterlands game every day. Sometimes I post about the Splinterlands game, but some days I don't post about this game. Have you written this week's challenge post yet? I think I will write it tomorrow.

Today I will tell you about a card I bought. About 9 days ago, I told you about purchasing a FAILED SUMMONER card from earth unit. I use the earth unit a lot, so I need to own a lot of cards from that unit. Even though I sometimes buy cards from the earth unit, there are still a lot of cards I can't buy. The card I bought today is a rare card from the earth unit. I wanted to buy a gold card, but it was expensive, so I bought a simple card. The CENTAURI MAGE is a rare earth card and this card contains 1 point of magic attack, 3 points of speed and 9 points of lives. In earth unit I like to use magic attack. So I bought CENTAURI MAGE today.

@winelay 🍇

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