🎸🎼On the 48th day of playing the Rising Star game, I was able to start my Acoustic Tent mission🎼🎸


Hello my loving Blockchain gaming community,

Today I have been playing the Rising Star game for 48 days.

I reached level 45 yesterday. Another thing I have to try is to get to Level 50 faster. These days, I'm trying to complete more missions and level up faster. Only then will I be able to reach Level 50 quickly. Now that I've reached level 45, I think I'll be at level 50 in a week or so. I like every mission in Rising Star game and I like all the songs in this game. I play this game every day because I do not have to spend a lot of time playing this game. Rising Star is one of my favorite blockchain games.

About two days ago, the Record a demo mission was the highest I could do in the Local Gig circuit area. Now that I'm level 45, I'm able to begin my Acoustic Tent mission. To perform a Record a Demo mission, you only need fans900, level40 and energy100. You need 1000 fans, level45 and energy100 to perform Acoustic Tent mission. I bought 12-packs then because I needed fans to do a record a demo mission about a week ago. The cards in these 12-packs have a large number of fans, so now I do not need more fans to perform Acoustic Tent Mission. The Acoustic Tent mission takes about 250 minutes to complete. Upon completion of that mission you will receive Starbits500 to 1996 and Xp 135. Ego7 will also be available. It took me over an hour to complete this mission, so I thought I would do it only at midnight, but now I do. Yesterday I was able to reach level 45. Today, I thought I could take it to the next level. I still need a little XP to take it to the next level. After completing my current mission and completing another shopping mall mission, I think I can take it to the next level.


My ego also increased a bit as temporary drunks increased. Today, when I reach a new level, I have to lower my ego. Now I have fans24089, luck 706, skill3629 and IM 42. My luck has increased a lot because of the luck in the cards I bought yesterday. Yesterday I completed 22missions. Today I was able to complete only 18 missions. Total missions 746 completed. I now have a total of 64 cards.

If you have any good ideas for this game, please share them with me.

@winelay 🍇

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