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Welcome back to my splinterlands game new post. How are you guys? How are you playing the splinterlands game? I am a player who plays some blockchain games. Among those games, Splinterlands game is one of my favorite games. These days, I play Splinterlands game every day and post about this game every day. Yesterday I shared my second challenge post that I did using the TEMPORAL MASTER CARD. Today I'm going to share about my social media challenge that I did using the water unit.

  • Standard
  • Mana Cost: 26 points
  • Available Element: All Elements.

Selecting battle cards


  • For the summoner, I used the KELYA FRENDUL card. The KELYA FRENDUL summoner card costs only 4 points of mana and this summoner can increase the number of speed and armor points on my team.

For the first Position Tank: DJINN OSHANNUS card

  • For the first position main tank, I used the DJINN OSHANNUS card. The DJINN OSHANNUS card costs 8 points of mana and this card contains 10 points of lives, 5 points of speed and 2 points of magic attack.
  • Since my DJINN OSHANNUS card is level 1, it is only an ability. The DJINN OSHANNUS monster of ability is ' Void '.
  • I like that DJINN OSHANNUS has a lot of lives and this card is the strongest card I can use in the water unit.
  • And for this battle, I used DJINN OSHANNUS as the main tank because I got a lot of mana points.

For the second position, DEEPLURKER card

  • For the second position, I used the DEEPLURKER card. The DEEPLURKER card costs 6 points of mana and this card contains 3 points of melee attack, 2 points of speed and 6 points of lives.
  • The DEEPLURKER card of ability is ' Opportunity '.
  • I like that the DEEPLURKER monster card has more lives and melee attacks. So I used DEEPLURKER as the second main tank.

For the third Position: RIVER NYMPH card

  • For the third position, I used the RIVER NYMPH monster card. The RIVER NYMPH card costs 4 points of mana and this card contains 1 point of magic attack, 3 points of lives and 2 points of speed.
  • The RIVER NYMPH card of ability is ' Cleanse'. I used the RIVER NYMPH card for magic attack in this battle.

For the fourth position, MERDAALI GUARDIAN card

  • For the fourth position, I used the MERDAALI GUARDIAN monster card costs only 3 points of mana and this card contains 2 points of speed and 3 points of lives.
  • The MERDAALI GUARDIAN monster of ability is ' Tank Heal '. Tank Heal ability can restore a portion of the monster in the first position's health each around.
  • Because I like the ability of the MERDAALI GUARDIAN monster, I usually use the MERDAALI GUARDIAN monster in every battle I play with a water unit. In this battle, I used MERDAALI GUARDIAN because of its ability.

For the fifth position, HARDY STONEFISH card

  • For the fifth position, I used the HARDY STONEFISH card. The HARDY STONEFISH card costs only 1 point of mana this card contains 1 point of melee attack, 1 point of armor, 1 point of armor and 1 point of lives.
  • After picking up to fourth position, I only have 1 point of mana left. So I used the HARDY STONEFISH monster for the fifth position.

Battle Rounds







In this battle, the enemy also used a water unit, and I also used a water unit. My Summoner card increase the number of speed and armor points on my team. The enemy's summoner card is the same as my summoner card. I had to play until round-6 because the enemy chose cards well. After playing until Round-6, I won. That's all for today. Thank you all very much.


@winelay 🍇

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