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Hello my loving Blockchain gaming community,

Hey hey hey, Welcome back to my splinterlands game new post. How are you guys? How are you and everything is fine? And is it ok to play the Splinterlands game? I play the Splinterlands game regularly these days, but I don't buy cards regularly. Have you written your splinterlands social media challenge post yet? Today I am going to talk about my social media challenge for this week. Is it too late for that? Let's get started.

Battle Rule

  • standard
  • Mana Cost: 30points
  • Available Element: Fire, Earth, Life, Death, & Dragon

Selecting battle cards


  • For the summoner, I used the KELYA FRENDUL summoner card. The KELYA FRENDUL summoner card costs 4 points of mana and this card can increase the number of speed and armor points.
  • I chose this summoner card because I thought I would be using a water unit in this battle.

For the first Position Tank: DJINN OSHANNUS card

  • For the first position, I used the DJINN OSHANNUS monster card. To use this DJINN OSHANNUS monster card, I used 8 points of mana.
  • The DJINN OSHANNUS monster card costs 8 points of mana and this card contains 10 points of lives, 5 points of speed and 2 points of magic attack.
  • My DJINN OSHANNUS card is level 1, it is only an ability. The DJINN OSHANNUS monster of ability is ' Void '.
  • I like that this monster card costs a lot of mana but has a lot of life points, and this monster is the strongest card I can use from the water unit. So I used this card as a main tank.

For the second Position Tank: DIEMONSHARK card

  • For the second position, I used the DIEMONSHARK card. The DIEMONSHARK card costs 8 points of mana and this card contains 2 points of melee attack, 7 points of lives, 6 points of armor and 4 points of speed.
  • item2When the main tank I chose went crazy, I used DIEMONSHARK in the second position so that I could use DIEMONSHARK as the main tank.

For the third Position Tank: DEEPLURKER card

  • For the third position, I used the DEEPLURKER monster. I used 6 points of mana to use this DEEPLURKER monster card.
  • The DEEPLURKER monster card costs 6 points of mana and this card contains 3 points of melee attack, 2 points of speed and 6 points of lives.
  • I want to mainly use melee attack in this battle, and the DEEPLURKER monster also has a lot of melee, so I used this monster in this battle.

For the fourth position, MERDAALI GUARDIAN card

  • For the fourth position, I used the MERDAALI GUARDIAN monster card. The monster card costs only 3 points of mana.
  • The MERDAALI GUARDIAN monster card contains 2 points of speed and 3 points.
  • The MERDAALI GUARDIAN monster of ability is ' Tank Heal '.
  • I used MERDAALI GUARDIAN in this battle because I liked the ability of MERDAALI GUARDIAN card.

For the fifth position, HARDY STONEFISH card

  • For the fifth position, I used the HARDY STONEFISH monster card. For used this HARDY STONEFISH card, I used only one mana point.
  • The HARDY STONEFISH card costs only 1 point of mana but this card contains 1 point of melee attack, 1 point of speed, 1 point of armor and 1 point of life.
  • After picking up to the fourth position, I only have 1 mana point left. So I chose HARDY STONEFISH for the fifth position.

Battle Rounds








In this battle the enemy used the fire unit and I used the water unit. The enemy-selected summoner card can increase the number of speed on his team. My summoner card can increase the number of speed and armor points on my team. The number of cards in the enemy team is more than the number of cards in my team, so it seems that the enemy team is stronger than my team. At first I thought I would lose this battle, but I won this battle. However, this battle was a bit difficult for me and I had to play until round-10. After playing up to Round-10, I was able to defeat the enemy.


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