Improving skill (day 7 in the rising star game)


Hello everyone,

Today is the 7th day I played the rising star game.
I play rising star game every day. This game is very interesting for me.
I just reached level11 yesterday. Today I am at level 13 in the rising star game. I have come to understand that every mission is important. In the past, I only played on the Home town mission. I started playing music lessons yesterday.
Skill rewards are also important, so I'm mainly playing music lessons. In music lessons, I mainly play guitar lessons.
Yesterday I only had skill 53. Today I have skill 109.
All in all, I still have fan 410, skill 109, luck 3, IM 3. For today, I was only able to improve my skill.

The pizza box is very useful for me.
Today, I often get pizza, so my energy is not zero.


I can only complete 90 missions in the 7 days I play. For today, I have only completed 8 missions. I have to try a lot harder. Good luck to all the gamers.
Thank you all.
@winelay 🍇

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