Day 8; I have reached the 15 level in the rising star game

Hello everyone,
Today is the 8th day I played the rising star game.
I play rising star game every day. I think this game is full of interesting things for me. Because the missions in this game are similar to real life.


Yesterday I was only at Level 13. Today I am at level 15. starbits I only have 4,019.
In the past, I used to focus on my home town mission. Because I want to improve my skill, I mainly do Music lessons after level 10. Although I can start doing basic singing lessons and guitar lessons in my music lesson now, I prefer the guitar lesson.
Yesterday I had skill 109. Yesterday I had only skill 109. Today I have skill 188. Fans, luck and IM are the same as yesterday.


I do not have enough energy today. I had to wait for enough energy to do the missions. Waiting like this can waste my time. I need to find things that I can recharge to get enough energy. So, I think I should buy a cold pizza slice.


Because I often did not have enough energy, I was only able to complete 13 missions today. I have completed a total of 103 missions. I want to get to level 20 fast now. Because I want to do a guitar fair mission. And I will try to complete many missions.
Good luck to all gamers.

@winelay 🍇

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