Day 3: Play new mission in level 8 in The Rising Star Game


Hello everyone,
I am a player who has just started playing rising star game.
I have been playing rising star game for 3 days. I have now reached level 8 playing rising star game. When I reached level 8, I was able to start playing a new mission. The mission name is Busking with a License. When I first played the rising star game, I only played IIIegal busking and Open Mic Night missions. By the time I reached level 5, I was able to play the new mission Mid Week Support Slot.


Now that I have reached level 8, I can start playing Busking with a License mission. I need 100fans, level 8, and 65% energy to play Busking with a License mission. It takes 45 minutes to complete this mission. After completing this mission I can get 60 to 260 starbits. I will get 93 XP.



I am now at level 8 and have already received starbits 2298. I now have 461 fans, luck 3, skill 5 and IM3. I will try harder and play more levels to get more starsbits.
Thank You all.

@winelay 🍇

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