Buying R284 Brian card for starbits millionaires mission

Hello my loving blockchain gaming community,

Welcome back to my Rising star game new post. How are you guys? It's the weekend tomorrow, so what are you doing this evening? Are you spending your free time playing rising star game or something? A few days ago, I didn't even play this Rising Star game, and I didn't spend much time on this game. However, these days, I play this game every day.

It will soon be 1 year that I have been playing the Rising star game. To be exact, I have been playing this game for 344 days. About 2 days ago, I told you that I bought a card called R240 Li in the Rising star game. Today I bought a new card again for starbits millionaires mission. The name of the card I bought today is R284 Brian. The R284 Brian card is a rare card and this card contains 150 fans, 150 skill, 3 luck and 4 IM. I used 9405 starbits to buy this card. I bought this game because I like the fact that R284 Brian card has 150 fans. Tomorrow I think I will buy a new card again for starbits millionaires mission. That's it for today. Thank you very much for reading my post to the end.

@winelay 🍇

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