10th day of playing rising star game

Hello everyone,
Today is the 10th day I played the rising star game.
I really like playing this game. I think this game is full of interesting things for me. Because the missions in this game are very similar real life.


Today I got pizza twice. So, I was able to do more missions than yesterday. However, there was not enough energy to complete many more mission. I have completed a total of 118 missions. Yesterday I could not reach the new level and I was only 15. Today I reached level 17. I mainly played music lessons because I wanted to improve my skills.


Today my skill is better than yesterday. Now I have skill 283.

Fans, luck and IM have not changed. I have 410 fans, luck3 and IM3. I want to get to level 20 as soon as possible. Because I want to do a guitar fair mission. And I will try to complete many missions.

Good luck to all gamers.

@winelay 🍇

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