Scary Mary Is Eating your Resources


Yes Scary Mary is eating your resources. Every time when you play Halloween 2021 mission it takes 65% of energy and 30 minutes. Both are valuable items of our inventory. 65% energy means you need 1 cold pizza slice to run Halloween 2021 mission every time. You play Halloween 2021 mission again and again to win reward and Scary Mary continuous to eat your resources. Lets discuss it detail.


energy required= 65 %
Mission Duration = 30 minutes
energy gained after playing mission = 6%


This 6% Energy is of no any use and will go to Dustbin. Hence you should be rich enough in Cold Pizza Slice Cards to play Halloween 2021 mission again and again consequently to win reward .


Halloween 2021 mission takes 30 minutes which is equal to Starbits Millionaire Mission time duration. But here is a big difference what you gain at the end of both missions.Starbits Millionaire Mission 30 minutes give you sure reward while here in case of Halloween 2021 mission there is 1 out of 10 chance that you get reward.Very Lesser chances to Win. So if you play the Halloween 2021 mission again and again then Scary Mary is definitely eating you time.

Possibility of Getting Reward.

If someone plays Halloween 2021 mission then there is only I out of 10 chance to get reward. This does not mean that if you play the Halloween 2021 mission 10 times you will surely get 1 reward. This means that every time when you play the Halloween 2021 mission there is one time possibility to get reward out of 10.Algorithm is not accumulating number of missions you played.
Have a look on a conversation between a player and developer Jux.


What do U get after Blending 10 Instrument Cards?


Well if you get successful in getting 10 S26 No Face Bass Cards and Blends them to convert into S26a No Face Bass Card. then here you should make a comparison what did u get after investing your resources in large number.
A Rare card with 1000 luck only. Here I'll not do comparisons of other cards which can accumulate 1000 luck in low price and within no time.




There is a beautiful statement on S24 Scary Mary card,

Can you avoid Scary Mary's bite and get a treat at the end of the mission?

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