Fans Finder of The Day Outcome # 4


Hi giveaway hunters , A random card pack opener was selected from Card Pack Stream.You were asked to find how many fans the card opener has found ,One who finds correctly, called the Fans Finder of the Day and entitled 555 Starbits.
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Following Card pack was being selected randomly;


trollast got R110 Jedd, 48 Jack, i8 Mid Range Mic
trollast got R111 DJ Chad, t6 Cheap Car, t6 Cheap Car
trollast got R107 Alicia, 51 Jason, i48 Bassoon
trollast got R105 Tracy, t6 Cheap Car, i46 Mid Range Kit
trollast got R113 Clarinet, 13 Buster, i39 Cheap Electric Violin
trollast got R100 Pixie, t6 Cheap Car, i48 Bassoon
trollast got R113 Clarinet, 13 Buster, 50 Belle
trollast got R113 Clarinet, i8 Mid Range Mic, R100 Pixie
trollast got R103 Sam, i43 Mid Range Sax, i35 Kithara
trollast got R112 Bodhran, 49 Gabe, 51 Jason
trollast got R108 Ray, i38 RS Micro Synth, i41 Cheap Mic V3
trollast got R107 Alicia, E42 Electric Violin, 13 Buster

Which answer is

People Cards

Artist:17 Fans:1195 Skill:1082 Luck:42 IM:29

Instrument Cards

Instruments:15 Luck:380


Vehicles:4 Fans:40 Skills:0 IM:0

Total Fans:1235
Total Skills:1082
Total Luck:422
Total IM:29

No one was the Fans Finder.


If someone thinks that he is right then share his calculations clearly and take Giveaway amount.

Wish you Good Luck Next Time.

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