Purchasing New NFT Pack and Completed Missions

Good morning 😊
Have a nice day all RisingStar Lovers🎶

My Game Level is 65 and completed Missions are 1127 in RisingStar.


Today morning, I purchased a NFT Pack again.
These cards are
One Rare Card R175 RSG Waves ,
One Comon Card i78 Starshall RG30 and
One Common Card i74 RS YO .

Now, I have 133 NFT cards of Risingstar.
In this cards, there have 5400 Fans, 1315 Luck, 8611 Skill and 107 IM.


I have done 1127 Missions in RisingStar Game.
These are
Illegal Busking 61,
Open Mic Night 108,
Mid Week Support 105,
Licensed Busking 15,
Midweek Heading Slot 22,
Saturday Support 43,
Saturday Headline 77,
Radio Interview 43,
Radio Studio Session 79,
Shopping Mall 83,
Record A Demo 68,
Local Festival Acoustic Tent 73,
Local MiniTour Support 76,
Promote Fan Club 12,
Record Signing 1,
Basic Singing Lesson 21,
Guitar Lesson 95,
Production Lesson 112,
Piano Lesson 30 and
Drum Lesson 3.

The Ego is 0%.

What are you doing my friends?

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Thank you, RisingStar Game Developers and Supporters 💗


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