Rising Star Scholarship Program Begins

Rising Star Scholarship Banner.jpg

As you may have heard, Rising Star joined the Blockchain Gaming Accelerator. That means we've been hard at work thinking of ways to help the game, including the STARBITS Destruction Program, which has already burned millions of tokens in an attempt to help balance the game economy (and get us some STARPRO).

We know you guys will want some STARPRO, too, so we're gonna take it easy on the STARBITS burning for a little while, starting in less than 24 hours. Meanwhile, we are launching another program... details below!

How it Works

It will be very similar to the HashKings Scholarship Program, except that @risingstargame developer @atomcollector has already given me (but not anyone else, yet) the ability to lend cards. There will be no need to buy anything from me or the market; the assets you need to compete (3 cold pizza slices) will appear in your account for use.

You just need to apply here to join. Here are other important facts you need to know:

  • We communicate primarily via this Discord channel. Please join.
  • You must be a new player to the game to participate
  • No bots or multiple accounts allowed
  • You must help like/share/retweet/upvote our Rising Star-related content on social media
  • Once the First Semester begins, we will once a week kick the lowest-level Scholar from the program, incentivizing play

That's pretty much it! We have more news related to gaming on the Hive blockchain coming out soon. Please stay tuned

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