HashKings Partnership – Farmer Scholarship Program

HashKings & Blockchain Gaming.jpg

As announced on our blog, @hashkings -- a cannabis farming game by @qwoyn on the Hive blockchain -- has joined the Blockchain Gaming Accelerator. If you noticed a sudden boost in price and volume for their tokens, that was us, their new market maker. We're also gonna add their game to a page on our website which you will be able to play via.

Probably the more exciting thing for everybody is gonna be the Scholarship Program, though. No sense letting Axie Infinity have all the fun. We're gonna give play-to-earn fans a chance to get started at very little cost. Once bulk transactions and rent functionality are finished being developed for the game, we will be able to eliminate the startup cost entirely. Only new players are allowed, though... we'll have to take away your allowance if we find out you're cheating the system. Please don't make us 😞

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