Hello, Hive community!

Hey guys! So I remember seeing Steemit long ago, but I used to have concerns about inflation before they changed the token economics. Then all that drama because of Justin Sun happened.

My buddy @qwoyn / @hashkings was always trying to keep me in the look, though. We have this whole blockchain gaming community around www.blockchaingaming.com, and have done some events together.

What I really started to notice more lately was the strength of the Hive community. I was worried it might crumble, but it pretty much all coalesced around a common foe, instead. All the developers migrated to the true chain, as did most users.

HIVE now has superior fundamental value, especially if you measure user activity, but still a smaller market cap than STEEM. Blockchain Gaming has a hedge fund, and we notice market inefficiencies such as this. We are taking action, which has already included:

  • Adding some HIVE to our portfolio
  • Hosting an event about gaming on Hive
  • Adding a detailed Hive page to our wiki, which links to 5 Hive games we have also made pages for

Now we will soon be proudly announcing a Hive game as the next addition to our Blockchain Gaming Accelerator. You will soon see exciting promotions, particularly for play-to-earn fans. We're gonna give Axie Infinity some competition.

We've also joined the Community Incubation Program by @ocd. This will be used to bring even more publicity to Hive games that join us. Our Fund has also dedicated some Hive Power to upvoting all who post good content here in our community.

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