HashKings Farmer Sponsorship Program - FAQ

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The HashKings Scholarship Program by blockchaingaming.com has proven popular, and already we are seeing new users attracted to the Hive blockchain as a result. However, there are still a lot of questions surrounding it and confusion about exactly how it works. This post is meant to put an end to that.

What is the official way to apply to join?

Use this form.

What are the rules?

  • You must be a new player to the game
  • You must not resell HashKings assets given to you by the Scholarship Program
  • You are required to upvote/share/retweet/etc all of blockchaingaming.com’s HashKings’-related content
  • Once the semester begins, 1 player (whomever has the lowest level avatar) will be kicked from the Program per week

What are the benefits?

In addition to mentorship, we provide assets necessary to play the game. This includes enough free water and free seeds to fill whatever land you have.

Why are you selling land? I thought it would be free.

The ability to rent land in the game is not yet fully developed. We require this so that we can set the rental cost to 0 and provide free land without having to trust players not to resell it, which we will do upon HashKings’ land rental game update.

When does the First Semester of the Program begin?

We still have enough resources to accept more students in the program. Therefore, the First Semester has been delayed until the next HashKings update, which should also increase the availability of water.

Where can I get in touch with other students and mentors in the Program?

We hang out in this Discord channel. Find us there to get your land/seeds/water as well as the latest tips.

What is blockchaingaming.com’s relationship to HashKings?

HashKings is part of our Accelerator Program. This gives us no ownership rights or official control over the HashKings game, but rather just cements their status as part of the Blockchain Gaming community. It also means:

  • The Blockchain Gaming Investment Fund is invested in HashKings
  • We provide marketing support and advice, as well as market making to create trade volume
  • HashKings will soon be playable on our website (but not exclusively)
  • More initiatives to support HashKings are being prepared
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