Announcing BlockRaiders, the Blockchain Gaming Guild


After a lot of preparations, we are proud to finally announce the beginning of the BlockRaiders guild. This will be much like other guilds or clans—a team of players who cooperate to win at multiplayer games. The main difference is that we focus on the blockchain metaverse, which raises the stakes by adding real-world value into the equation. We don't just play-to-win—we play-to-earn.

The brainchild of the operation is @aizzaku, a former competitive eSports player. He has already begun amassing recruits to play games such as Neon District, Ember Sword, and Guild of Guardians. If you want to join them, just say hello on Discord.

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BlockRaiders is lead by the team behind, which manages the Blockchain Gaming Investment Fund (parent company: Leonie Hill Capital), a hedge fund for the the blockchain gaming space. Said hedge fund is also our first official sponsor, meaning we have access to extensive financial resources to buy useful in-game property, such as land, weapons, armor, and other items/property.

Combined with our knowledge and experience, these resources will give you the edge you need to succeed. With time, we'll be able to buy our own NFTs instead of borrowing them, and give guild members communal ownership of what we've collectively worked to achieve.

Some of you may already be wondering: what about Hive games? The reason we're not yet planning to bring BlockRaiders to HashKings or Rising Star is because they're part of the Blockchain Gaming Accelerator. Our hedge fund controls too much of these game's economies due to their relatively small market caps; playing as competitively as possible may therefore be detrimental to the overall game experience by being unfair to non-guild members.

As soon as these games have matured enough to leave the Accelerator program, we plan to get a lot more cutthroat. For now, we are still considering expanding to other games such as Splinterlands. If there are any Splinterlands pros reading this, please consider joining us to claim your potential leadership position. We need YOU to make BlockRaiders great together.

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