Getting Two Rare Cards from Buying Cards Pack...!

Good afternoon to all members
on Blockchain Gaming Community!

This is my trying post on this community and my activities of Rising Star Game.
So I called Day-331 of My Music time on Game.
It is so funny time and I love Rising Star Game.

I would like to share you about buying card.

I needed to buy some cards to play more easily on game.
I have to play more high missions to get level up and more rewards.
So I decided to buy card packs.

And then I bought 3 card pack for 10000 STARBITS.
I got two Rare cards and two Common card.
They are
(1)245 Terri
(2)R239 Butterfly Guitar
(3)102 Tess

It is a Rare card.It had 125 fans,100 skill, 3 luck and 2 IM.

(2)R239 Butterfly Guitar...!
It is a Rare card.It had 50 luck.

(3)102 Tess...!
It is a Common card.It had 10 fans and 1 skill.

It is the best way which I need to play on game.

I think that it will be more better to play in future.

Now I had totally 265 cards on my account and I would buy another card packs as soon as possible.

It is a funny blockchain game.
Now is starting a blockchain gaming age!
Everyone should join and try Rising Star game for future.
Playing with your precious times on Music game "Rising Star"!

Have a nice and funny day!

Thank you so much for reading my post.
Good luck!
24.9.2022 (13:50) pm

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