My first Splinterlands Social media challenge

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One of the best blockchain games to play today; Splinterlands Blockchain is a game where you can have everything you want. I am sharing what I know about this game.
Splinterlands is a game where you connect with players around the world and outsmart each other. The game creates battles based on rankings. It only takes a few seconds to start a ranked race. Completing daily missions will reward players with online currency called cryptocurrency. More than $58,000 in prize money has been awarded in the game's tournament.
The popularity of Splinterlands Game nowadays should not be surprising, because the value the game provides to the players makes the blockchain game attractive to the average gamer. splinterlands allows players to fight with others in the world to collect cards, A digital card game that allows you to trade and fight. And the game is built on the Hive blockchain, one of the many blockchain platforms that allow players to buy and sell cards on those blockchains.
You have three minutes to plan your strategy before you start a battle. First of all, you have to choose a Summoner first. The selection of Monsters you can use through that Summoner will be decided. The role of Monsters is also an important asset in the war.
So, as I said in my first social media post, basically after selecting jungle SUMMONER, you must select 1 monster from MELEE ATTACK for close attack, 1 monster from RANGED ATTACK for long range attack, and 1 monster from MAGIC ATTACK for magic attack.
If you still have Mana cost left in your body, you can choose one of those attacks and use it as 1 more monster. So, as an exception here, do you want to play only MELEE ATTACK or only RANGED ATTACK? Or do you want to play only MAGIC ATTACK?
Whether you play only MEELE ATTACK or play with other ATTACKs, there are some weak possessions. Currently, what I want to show you today is to play with only MAGIC ATTACK
Let's take a look at this post and see how the MAGIC monsters attack.
Start playing the Splinterlandsgame today.Splinterlands Game is one of the best.I like to play Splinterlands Game.Today I have successfully completed my daily focus battles.
Battle rules
Mana cost -26
My Team is WATER Spliner and Enemy Team is EARTH Splinter.
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Battle results

Did my strategy work?
Yes, I won the battle. As long as you understand the combat rules, study the enemies card and counter it there's a high chance that you will win.
I won Rating point +20, Reward Points +20 as a reward for this game battle.Let me ask you to watch the criticize it.
Thank you very much for your attention to my presentation.
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