PSYBER Free Giveaway - Round 38

The winner is: @ravenmus1c

I like to promote the games of our beloved Hive network as a way to grow our community.

As many of you may know I was doing a daily @ risingstargame giveaway for a long time and it's been fantastic. But now, since many new games are appearing in our chain, I am going to organize various giveaways.
And the first chosen game is @psyberx

What is PsyberX?

It's a new Playtoearn game on Hive. The first shooting game in our beloved chain and promises a quality of graphics not seen here so far.
I am not going to spend much time because it is not my strong point, here you can consult everything you need to know.

The game is in development and is expected to be released if I have not misunderstood by May 13, at least the NFT market.

Whitepaper: @psyberx/official-white-paper-for-psyber-x-and-the-psyber-x-metaverse


The award:

20 LVL When the game is released I will include NFT

The rules:

Simple, just leave a comment saying you want to participate

It is appreciated:

Any advice for improvement.

Participants in previous contests:

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